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If you are considering making a change to the way your home energy consumption is processed, you will be no doubt be looking at solar panel price options as you consider if they are a viable alternative to your current energy supply. Through the wide range of suppliers available, you will see that there are varying solar panel prices in the UK, but don’t worry, here at Moixa we’ve put together a handy guide for you to see the benefits of solar panels and domestic solar battery storage for your home energy consumption.

Solar panels are perfect for brand new homeowners, families looking to make savings or for those saving towards retirement. They help to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. At Moixa we have a team of solar panel experts, offering supply and installation of solar panel systems that include battery storage, powering your home day and night.

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Solar panels are the perfect way to create an environmentally friendly home by changing the way electricity is produced. The solar panel price is a significant initial outlay, due to the innovative technology that utilises photovoltaic (PV) cells to turn sunlight into electricity. The sunlight during the day is turned into electricity that is used to power your home during those hours of production.

Unlike some other companies, solar panel prices in the UK from Moixa are offered in a package that includes solar battery storage, allowing you to store any unused electricity to be used during the night-time. Alternatively, any electricity not used during the day can be sent back to the grid. Solar panels are creating energy whenever there is sunlight, with any extra not being used either being stored for future use or sold through the GridShare system.

Solar panel prices in the UK might involve an initial cost, but once you have installation of the solar panels and domestic battery storage system from Moixa, the overall benefits will add real and immediate benefits to your home. You’ll have complete control over the energy you consume as a household, with all of the energy created by your solar panels used to power your home during daylight hours and any excess not used being stored for future use overnight, or alternatively, sold back to the Grid.

Domestic solar battery storage helps you to lower your energy bills significantly and helps reduce the impact your household has on the environment. The battery storage is linked to your solar panels, charging during the day alongside the appliances that the solar panels power directly.

As soon as the sun goes down, your home and all appliances will switch to being powered by the battery, powering your home overnight until the solar panels kick in again the next morning. With a 25-year guarantee from us, the solar panel prices are worthwhile, providing you, on average, enough electricity to power between 42 and 83 kettle boils each and every day.

Each household is different to the next, in terms of the amount of electricity consumption required. That’s why over on our  Receive a Quote page, you’ll be able to leave us some information for us to speak to you in-depth and come up with a bespoke quote just for you. Solar panel prices in the UK can differ greatly, and whilst we won’t give you a firm price now, what we can do is show you the average prices that our customers experience, depending on the quantity of solar panels and the type of solar panel domestic battery storage they choose to install.

  • For a 2kWp solar panel system and solar battery (including full installation and VAT) = £4995
  • The typical solar panel system we install for our clients is for 14 solar panels and a 3kWh battery, at a cost of around £9000

For a Moixa Smart Battery alone (including installation and VAT):

  • 2kWh = £2950
  • 3kWh = £3450

Some suppliers provide solar panels alone, but our expert team has developed a joint system of solar batteries and panels that offer you a much wider range of benefits in the long-term. VAT and free installation are included in all of the above prices and we also offer flexible payment options, so you can take advantage of immediate benefits, while spreading thecost of initial solar panel pricesover manageable terms. Our team will be able to offer the right advice based on your requirements and budget.

You may have noticed that energy prices have been on a steady rise over the last 10 years or so. With this in mind, solar panel prices in the UK should not deter you from making a substantial change in the way you consume energy. In the long-term, it makes real financial sense to reduce your energy bills, with savings starting at 60% right from day one of installation of the solar panels and domestic battery storage.

On average, our customers see a saving of between £425 and £680 annually on their electricity bills, and when you add the potential to sell surplus energy created back to the Grid through a personalised GridShare dashboard, you can start to see the savings stacking up. This access also allows for analysis of your consumption to alter your habits and save even further.

If you would like to find out more about the Moixa solar panel prices and domestic battery storage installation, you can find out how to speak to our team over at Contact page. We’ve helped over 1000 clients in the last decade to reap the rewards of solar panels and linked battery storage. You too could soon be a happy customer, with lower energy bills, reduced carbon footprint, and greater control over your household energy consumption.

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*based on an average 3.5kw system in Brighton, south facing, 40-degree pitched roof, with no shade and using national grid PLC statistics on energy power plant carbon intensity. A combination of solar savings, feed in tariff, GridShare cashback payments. 

** Gridshare is Moixa’s unique cashback scheme that pays you a guaranteed £50 per year, if you make spare energy available for trading at peak times.


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