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Solar Panel Cost in the UK

A growing number of the UK population are considering switching to the new options presented by solar panels and solar  battery systems. A considerable number of families and individuals have already utilised the advancements in storing solar energy in their homes. There are a range of economic and environmental benefits of solar energy, especially when utilising a solar panel battery system alongside your solar panel installation.

Anyone can benefit from this new method of solar energy storage; it doesn’t matter whether you have an existing solar panel installation, or are exploring the technology for the first time. Understandably, your key questions are likely to be:

– how much do solar panels cost in the UK?

– how much do solar panel battery systems cost?

– do you really save money with solar panels?

– how long will it take for solar panels to pay for themselves?

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer, new parents, or approaching retirement, the installation of a solar panel and battery combination could be an ideal fit for any homeowner looking into questions regarding what is the cost of solar panels, especially with the lowering of the average solar panel cost.

For anyone across the UK looking to explore how they can enjoy the benefits of a solar panel battery system, Moixa is available to help. You get to enjoy solar energy both day and night thanks to our highly capable solar panel and Moixa battery systems. Our systems can transform the solar energy taken in by your solar panels into power that you can store and use through the day and night, immediately beginning to pay back the solar panel cost.


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Extending the Power of Solar

Most people are pretty familiar with some of the common everyday uses of solar power, having heard of it for quite some time now. There are numerous gadgets operating on solar power, items such as watches, calculators and even garden lights. What some people are unaware of is that there is now an even smarter way to tap into the capabilities of solar energy, building on the benefits of a solar panel installation by adding a solar panel battery system to power a home.

A solar panel battery system will allow you to store energy, which you can then use to power your home at a later time, just when you need it, adding a great deal further benefit to the energy potential of having solar panels on your roof.

What is even more impressive about the system is that you can also gain an annual income (and extended warranty) through Moixa’s GridShare membership.

What you really need to know about solar batteries

In terms of the key features of a Moixa solar panel battery system as part of your solar panel installation, some of the key benefits include:

  • You can use the solar panel battery system together with your existing solar panels
  • Allows you to use stored solar energy in the evening, or even charge overnight if you have a lower Economy 7 rate
  • You will enjoy significantly reduced energy bills (see ‘how much can you save’ section)
  • The battery in the system is a small single unit (50×30×20cm) that fits anywhere, from a garage, to under the stairs, to a living room

24/7 Solar Potential

As you consider the key questions around how much do solar panel battery systems cost, it is important to understand the key workings and primary benefits of our system. As mentioned, you get access to solar energy to use during the day and also store it to power your home in the evening, and impressively, through the night. As the solar panel installation on your roof takes in solar energy, your Moixa Smart Battery will store it wherever in the house you have placed your unit.

Additionally, with the Moixa Dashboard you will be able to see a detailed breakdown of your energy usage, gaining insight on how to power your home in the most efficient way. Such a revolutionary upgrade provides environmental and economic satisfaction, with Moixa’s solar panels and batteries offering the leading option in the UK. You will have a more environmentally friendly way of powering your home, lower energy bills and enjoy a more flexible solar energy option.

Solar innovation at work

You might wonder how it works, or how you get to use energy generated by solar panels through the night. The innovative solar panel battery system allows you to use solar power as it is generated during the day, as with a regular solar panel installation. Any excess energy generated, which you are not using currently, will then charge a Moixa Smart Battery accompanying the system. This is the energy you get to use overnight, rather than having it go to waste without this storage potential.

You can select either the 2kWp, 3kWp or 4kWp system to determine the amount of energy to be generated and stored. Rough estimates show that you can take in and store the solar energy equivalent to that required to boil between 43 and 83 kettle boils per day (around 1,880 hours per year) with the Moixa’s solar panel battery systems.

We can guide on the ideal system for your type of home.  Please talk to our expert team here at Moixa for more details on our range.

Of course, a key consideration for many homeowners will be in regards to the initial solar panel cost or the expenses of the solar battery system as a whole and whether it justifies the long-term economic and environmental benefits. In terms of how much do solar panels cost in the UK, it is hard to give an exact detail of the cost here in terms of a solar panel battery system for your specific home, since there are a number of factors to consider.

For instance, the ideal kWp system for your requirements, as well as whether or not you possess solar panels already. For most people, the initial cost of the solar panel installation and solar battery system is a very reasonable investment considering the ongoing savings it brings. For now, here are some estimates on some of the most commonly chosen packages:

  • For a 2kWp solar panel system and Moixa Smart Battery (including full installation and VAT): £4995
  • 2kWh solar battery alone (including installation and VAT): £2950
  • 3kWh solar battery alone (including installation and VAT): £3450
  • The most common solar panel system we install for clients is 14 solar panels and a 3kWh battery: up to £9000

However, to get an exact solar panel cost and overall solar battery system cost for your property, please visit our Receive a Quote page. Here, you can enter a few simple details of your home and get the best estimate. Being the leading solar battery provider in the UK, Moixa assures you of expert installation, lasting quality and guaranteed savings.

It is worth noting that we now offer a range of flexible payment options for homeowners depending on which Moixa Smart Battery package they select. This offers the fantastic added advantage of being able to spread payment terms over a more manageable duration, while simultaneously benefiting from energy savings with immediate effect.

It is always useful to know how much you can actually save with our solar panel battery systems. We understand that this is a key factor for many in deciding if the installation is worth getting. Some of the benefits homeowners will get from Moixa’s solar panel battery system include:

  • Solar battery warranty of 10 years, extendable for as long as you’re a member of GridShare
  • Power generation all year round
  • Yearly savings on energy bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Savings of up to 50% of your existing energy, beginning from the day of installation
  • Increase the potential value of your home

While we cannot say exactly how many years it will take for you to turn a profit from your solar battery and solar panel installation, we’re confident that with this range of financial benefits – not least the potential added home value – the solar panel battery system we install in your home will more than justify the solar panel cost within a few years. Not only that, but once your annual savings have added up to the overall cost of your solar battery system, you’ll then have many years of profit.

Since 2010, we have completed installation of more than 1,000 Moixa Smart Batteries and solar panels in homes across the UK. This has led to an annual saving of more than half a million pounds collectively, as well as other benefits including positive environmental contributions and the aforementioned increased value to property in many cases.

Hopefully, these details on solar panel cost and the range of benefits that come from your solar panel battery system installation have been helpful. We would be delighted to answer any more questions in detail. Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team of solar experts here at Moixa. You can call us, email us or fill out our online form, with all details available on our Contact page.

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