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How Much Electricity Does
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When speaking to potential customers, the same few questions often pop up. One of them is ‘how much energy do solar panels produce in a day?’. Of course, if you are planning on purchasing solar panels and a Smart Battery from Moixa, you want to be sure exactly what you can expect to generate, electricity-wise. Solar power offers a clean, reliable and renewable energy alternative to the traditional methods of powering your home.

Living in the UK, you might be worried that the weather is not ideal for solar panels and the generation of solar power, but there is good news. This guide has been put together to explain the processes involved and to highlight the real benefits of solar power in the UK, especially when combined with our high-quality battery.

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The Moixa Smart Battery offers a range of advantages when installed with solar panels at a customer’s home. It can help to maximise your potential to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce energy bills and to add value to your home. As the solar panels do their job, generating electricity during the day that can be used to power single appliances or the entire home, the solar battery is being charged at the same time.

As we get into detail on the topic of how much electricity does a solar panel produce, what is also important to note is how much energy you can store to use at a later date. The solar battery allows you to use solar power at night, when the sun has gone down, and also offers the flexibility to sell surplus energy you have generated back to the grid. You are not only saving money, but you are making money in the process.


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How Much Electricity Does a Solar Panel Produce?

Depending on the number of solar panels you have installed at your property and the type of system in place the amount of kWh generated per day will vary. In general terms though, a 3kWp or 4kWp solar panel system will be able to produce enough electricity to help meet a considerable proportion of the energy needs of a family home. For a smaller home, a 2kWp is more suitable.

Looking at a 4kWp system, the following is a general breakdown of what the energy you will generate is equivalent to over the course of a year:

  • Use the washing machine for 4,857 hours, or
  • Continuous boil of the kettle for 1,880 hours, or
  • Use the oven for 1,417 hours, or
  • 97,143 hours of power for the fridge

Every home is different of course, which is why we invite you to converse with our experts on your specific energy requirements, such as the size of your home and number of inhabitants. We’ll work out the best type and number of solar panels to suit your home, alongside the Moixa Smart Battery, allowing you to charge the solar battery during the day and continue using solar energy during the night too. This adds greater cost savings to the installation of the solar panel system.

In the average three-bedroom home in the UK, it is expected that there will be 3,000kw of energy use each year. The energy produced by your newly installed solar panels would be equivalent to that required to make between 42 and 83 cups of tea each day (depending on which system you choose), and you’ll also experience immediate savings on your energy bills from the very first day of installation.

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What Factors Determine the Electricity Produced by Solar Panels?

How much energy do solar panels produce in a day? Well, there are several factors to consider. The first factor is that of the size of the solar panel system that you choose to install at your home. The larger the system, the more electricity it will produce. We will assess your energy needs and recommend the ideal number of solar panels to go with your 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery, ensuring the system produces enough energy per day to suit our customers’ homes.

The second factor is the position of the panels, both in the direction the roof is facing and the pitch of the roof. For the ideal performance of solar panels, you should look at installing on a south-facing roof at an angle of 35 degrees. Saying that however, there are a range in which solar panels can still be effective, as we have installed solar panels on to flat roof properties, with sloping mechanisms allowing for the perfect angle to catch the sun’s rays. We will always look to provide a roof position where the solar panels are free from shade throughout the day, ensuring your panels can absorb enough sunlight to produce the levels of electricity you are expecting. We can even use power optimizers or microinverters to boost the generation of shaded panels by up to 20%

Lastly, consider the time of year. During the summer months, there is obviously more sunlight to absorb, with days much longer and skies clearer on the whole. The temperature does not matter, as solar panels work by processing light and not heat, so do not worry about cold during the winter months. One of the reasons we offer our Moixa Smart Battery in smaller options is to make use of the full capacity of the battery whenever possible, which is important during the shorter winter days.


Why buy a solar battery?

  • Battery can be added to existing solar panels
  • Unused solar energy can be stored for use 24/7
  • Average annual savings from £425 to £680
  • New and improved 4.8kWh battery capacity
  • 25-year panel warranty, 10-year battery warranty
  • Free extended solar battery warranty for as long as you are a GridShare member

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How Do I Know My Solar Panels Are Generating Electricity?

Now that you have a fairer understanding of the question ‘how much electricity does a solar panel produce?’ you might want to understand how to know the process is taking place. When we install the solar panels, you’ll have your Smart Battery unit installed at an accessible point of your choice within your property. Additionally, we provide the innovative Moixa Dashboard, which will give you a detailed analysis on the amount of electricity that is being produced.

At Moixa, we offer every one of our Moixa Smart Battery customers the opportunity to join GridShare Membership. This comes with a free extended warranty for your Smart Battery and allows Moixa to unlock additional value from your battery by supporting the grid through a ‘Virtual Power Plant’.

GridShare Membership is one of the ways in which Moixa looks to support a low-carbon future, powered by renewable energy, by balancing the Grid with spare battery capacity.

If you sign up to GridShare Membership, not only do you receive an additional £50 per year for the first three years, but we will also monitor and report back on the impact of Grid Service involvement on your Moixa Smart Battery and make sure we reimburse you for any savings missed.


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