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How much do solar panels cost to install? It’s a fair question, and one which we field regularly when speaking with potential clients interested in the Moixa Smart Battery. In short, when you purchase solar panels alongside your solar battery from Moixa, installation is included for free. Beyond this initial information, we want to explain in more detail how you can maximise the potential of your home to generate electricity and to power your home even when the sun goes down.

This guide has been put together to assist you in making a fully informed choice when deciding whether to purchase a solar power system with a Moixa Smart Battery. In the last couple of decades, there has been a shift from a position in the UK where the sight of solar panels on a domestic rooftop was unusual, to a position where they have become increasingly popular.

It is no longer that rare to be asked the question ‘how much do solar panels cost to install?’ given that they are now much less expensive than they once were. There are several cost benefits, as well as the advantage of adding real value to your property and helping the environment along the way! We are here to help you take back control of your energy consumption, putting together a solar battery and solar panel system, with a 25-year guarantee, low-cost maintenance and flexibility. If you own a property, the installation of our Smart Battery and solar panels could provide your home with a range of energy storage benefits.

See how much you could save by generating your own renewable electricity

Before understanding the full value of our Moixa Smart Battery, let us first take a look at solar power itself, and how it can actually power your home. Out of all the alternative power sources that domestic properties can utilise, the solar panel offers the best chance to be successful at powering your home for a long time. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells (PV). These cells take direct sunlight and convert it into electricity.

You can then use the energy from solar panels to power certain appliances, or in some cases to power an entire property. In terms of changing your lifestyle, it can have a dramatic effect. You are immediately reducing your reliance on traditional energy sources, and in turn reducing the carbon footprint of the household. Another benefit is that it allows you to add real monetary value to the property should you wish to re-evaluate your options in the future and either refinance or sell the property. Most of all, it allows you to significantly reduce your energy bills. You are in control of the electricity you use.

At Moixa, we are all about the added benefits for our clients. When putting together our service, we wanted to ensure our customers were buying the best package they could find anywhere in the UK. Whilst the benefits of solar are huge, we recognized the key to unlocking or harvesting its full potential was by storing the surplus solar energy generated during the day, in order to make use of it once the sun’s gone down / solar stops generating.

The combined system that we provide as standard ensures that your solar panels can not only power your home during daylight hours, but that they will also help power your home overnight. In fact, the Moixa Smart Battery allows you to use solar power 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. As the solar panels are helping to power your appliances during the day, they will also be connected to your Moixa Smart Battery, charging it for use at night. The Smart Battery also allows you to have a range of choices with the solar energy generated, as you can also choose to sell surplus energy back to the National Grid, making money from the Feed-In Tariff (new applications end March 2019). So, not only will you be saving money, you will be making money too!

Your solar panel costs will vary from the next person, due to the electricity needs you specifically have and how much space you have on your roof. That is why, when you speak to our specialists, we’ll talk through your home set-up, how many rooms it has, how many people are living there, your home’s overall energy make-up. From there we can put together a bespoke quote. We can, for now, provide you with a general idea of what to expect.

The number of solar panels will vary, as mentioned before, while in terms of battery options, the Moixa Smart Battery is now available in 2kWh, 3kWh and 4.8kWh options. Most often, we will provide a customer with 14 solar panels for their roof and a 3kWh battery to connect to, which costs around £9,000 including VAT and installation. We also offer flexible payment options, which we are happy to discuss. Aside from that you can expect to see the following prices:

  • For a 2kWp solar panel system and Smart Battery (including full installation and VAT) = £4995

For a Moixa Smart Battery alone (including installation and VAT):

  • 2kWh = £2950
  • 3kWh = £3450

You can find out more at our Receive a Quote page, where we offer more detailed information about our services and how to move forward with installing solar panels at your home, alongside the Moixa Smart Battery.

By thinking about not only solar panel installation, but also choosing Moixa and our Smart Battery, you’ll be plugging into a whole host of long-term savings. The 25-year guarantee and low-maintenance ensures a low-cost solution once installation is out of the way. Add to that the first day savings of 60% on your energy bills and you are on to a winner. What we can say, is that you’ll experience between £425 and £680 savings on your electricity bills each year with our solar battery and solar panel system.

When you factor in the potential long-term association with the National Grid and your ability to sell surplus energy back for other users, and that is some impressive savings. We hope that this has given helpful insight into the question of ‘how much do solar panels cost to install?’, but for an exact quote for your specific property, you can head to our quote page, or to our Contact page where we will be happy to talk through your specific needs.

Over the past few years we’ve helped over 1000 clients to make the right choice for their future, with the installation of their solar panel system and Moixa Smart Battery.

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