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As many UK families and individual homeowners start to consider new ways in which to gain power for their homes and to be more conscious of the environment, home batteries for solar panels are a real and viable alternative to traditional electricity providers. New ranges of house solar panels and solar batteries for a home in the UK provide many different benefits worth considering. Whether you are buying a property for the first time, looking to upgrade your home, or just want to cut your costs as you start a family, the team here at Moixa is in a position to help, with cost-effective and innovative home solar battery solutions.

Making the most of solar energy is something that we have experience in, and we’ve been helping homeowners to purchase and install a battery for a home solar system that can really change everything about a home’s power usage. You’ll soon be experiencing power in the home at day and night in a completely different way, saving money and helping the environment in the process.

See how much you could save by generating your own renewable electricity

You may well have heard a fair bit on solar power before. For quite a few years, they have been a sight on many a roof of a UK home, with solar power able to be used to help power a home. Solar power has been used for many years to power smaller items such as gadgets and lights for the garden and exterior of a property, but you might not be as aware of the power available from solar batteries for a home.

Not only can you receive power to your home during the hours when the sun is out, but you can now also store power for later use, meaning that with solar energy you can power your home day and night through the use of a battery for your home solar system. A home solar battery takes the power being produced from the solar panels on the roof of your home and stores it.

This means that as the sun does its work, the solar energy being generated that isn’t being used right away, rather than being lost, is held back until you need it (or decide to sell it back to a shared grid). A battery for a home solar system really changes the game entirely from the homeowner’s perspective, giving greater control of the energy you use and the costs associated with that energy use.

Buying home batteries for solar panels might seem a step into the unknown, but once you realise the huge benefits to your home and the environment, it really is a fantastic option, whether as a first-time solar energy user, or for those with solar panels already attached to the roof of their home.

Your battery for a home solar system can generate power across the entire year. When considering the amount of power produced by solar energy and how much usage you’ll receive from one of our solar batteries, we can provide a rough estimate based on the system that you choose to install at your home.

From our 2kWp, through the 3kWp, and on to the 4kWp systems you can expect to receive solar energy that is equivalent to the power used by between 42 and 83 kettle boils per day. Obviously, this energy will be used across a lot more than just powering the kettle, with benefits to your entire home energy usage through solar batteries for your home in the UK.

Not only do we provide energy benefits each and every day, but our solar batteries come with a 10-year warranty, extended to a lifetime warranty when you make use of our GridShare network. It’s not often you can plan ahead for many years when it comes to energy supply, but with Moixa this is a guarantee.

There isn’t an exact standard cost for your Moixa Battery for a home solar system – it will depend on whether you go for our 2kWh, 3kWh or 4.8kWh battery, as well as whether you have existing solar panels or not – but we’re happy to discuss your exact solar energy profile with you and help you find the ideal fit for your home.

Our expertise in the trade has led us to understand that every home is different and with a unique set of energy requirements comes with it a different system. We have a range of different systems that could be suitable for you.

In order to gain the benefit of our expert advice and guidance based on your specific needs and requirements, helping you to choose the right solar battery system for your home and solar panels, visit our Receive a Quote page. You can enter all of your home details to receive a definitive estimate on the cost of your home battery for solar panels.

It can be difficult for many homeowners to make a decision about whether the initial financial outlay to install house solar panels and the Smart Battery to go with it is worth it financially. Thankfully, what we guarantee at Moixa is that you’ll save money on your energy bills from the first day, no matter which kWp system you choose to install at your home.

We are confident that we’ll help you save up to 60% on your energy bills immediately, with savings of between £425 and £680 a year for the average household depending on the kWp system installed. More specific estimates are available on our Savings Comparison page.

It isn’t just the energy savings that you should consider in terms of financial benefit. By installing a Moixa Smart Battery in your home, you are also adding to the valuation of the property, which could make you money in the future. As previously mentioned, additional money can also be made from selling unused energy through the current Feed-In Tariff if you have excess energy from the solar panels that you aren’t going to use.

Moixa has been developing home batteries for solar panels for a decade, and we have installed in over 1,000 UK homes in that time. Our clients save money, add significant value to their properties and make a vital contribution to the environment in the process. For more information you can contact our team of experts via phone, email or web form over on our Contact page.

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** Gridshare is Moixa’s unique membership scheme that pays you £50 per year for the first three years of joining, if you make spare energy available for trading at peak times in the future.

Moixa is the UK’s leading smart battery

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