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GridShare Membership Scheme

Here you can find all the information related to GridShare Membership Scheme. Only applicable to the customers who purchased from Moixa directly.

What is GridShare?

GridShare is the software that is used to optimise the charging of Moixa optimised battery systems. GridShare identifies a home’s energy generation and consumption patterns, looks at weather forecasts and the home’s energy tariff. Then, based on all the data points that are available for your household, GridShare generates a personalised battery charging plan to match your household’s needs. GridShare also enables the option to unlock the battery to provide energy services to support the grid, also known as grid services and thus enable a new era of sustainable energy in the UK. Customers that purchased batteries directly from Moixa have the option to take part in such services via GridShare Membership.

GridShare Membership is one of the ways in which Moixa looks to support a low-carbon future, powered by renewable energy, by grouping members’ batteries in order to balance the Grid with spare battery capacity.

If you sign up to GridShare Membership, as a thank you for talking part, you will receive a free extended warranty and an additional £50 payment per year for the first three years. We will also monitor and report back on the impact of Grid Service involvement on your battery and make sure we reimburse you for any savings missed.

Membership is only available for customers that purchased directly from Moixa.

GridShare works alongside any energy tariff, please ensure you have informed your support team of your specific tariff in advance to ensure this is taken into consideration.

If you purchased your battery directly from Moixa, you should receive an invitation to complete your GridShare registration a few days after your installation is complete and we’ve confirmed your system is fully operational. If you would like to sign up for GridShare Membership at a later date please just contact Moixa Support team who can provide a registration form for you. To complete registration you will need to provide the details of your preferred payment method, either bank transfer or Paypal.

Membership is only available for customers that purchased directly from Moixa

Does membership impact my Feed-In Tariff or Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

No, membership has no impact on a pre-existing Feed-In Tariff or Smart Export Guarantee tariff.

Is my personal data protected?

Moixa operates to strict data protection rules which protect your personal/storage/consumption data.

If my battery does not work, will I still be paid?

If your battery does not work, GridShare software will not work therefore it is important that you are able to fix or replace your battery either through Moixa’s warranty or through your manufacturers’ warranty.

Your payments will resume once your battery is operating again.

What about battery up-time, does this matter?

Yes, your battery must be connected for the minimum threshold period of 95% to be eligible for GridShare Membership rewards – beyond this the money you receive will be proportional to the period of time your system has been connected and working properly.

Can I cancel GridShare Membership?

The membership term is fixed for 3 years from the sign-up date.

If your participation is cancelled by us, you will receive all your payments for each full month you have taken part as a member.