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Dashboard & App

Here you can find all the information related to the Moixa Dashboard and App


The Moixa Dashboard and Mobile App provide visualisation of your energy generation and usage. The Moixa Dashboard is the web view of your solar, battery and home energy data. It provides detailed analytics about your battery usage, energy consumption and solar generation. It shows your tariff data, if submitted to Moixa support, and features to help understand our optimisation software such as charging instructions and your upcoming charging plan.

The Moixa App

The Moixa app gives you access to your energy data on the go. Available on both the Apple and the Google Play Store, the app gives a more concise view than the Dashboard. With the Moixa Dashboard and App, you can:

  • At a glance, check your battery’s state of charge and how it is behaving
  • View the status of your Moixa-connected home and battery on the Highlights tab
  • View your household consumption and the power flowing through your Moixa-connected devices, giving you a clear understanding of solar generation, battery usage and grid energy usage
  • Access your historical energy usage data in daily, weekly and monthly time periods, so you can understand your household consumption behaviour over time

Your username will be the email address you provided during installation and the same credentials are used to log in to both the Dashboard and App.

The Moixa Dashboard can be accessed by visiting on your chosen web browser.

Moixa App is available for both Android and Apple devices from their respective App Stores.

If you currently have the Moixa app installed, it is important to update it when you are prompted, otherwise, you may end up with incorrect data and functionality.

To help you understand the graphs and information included on both the Dashboard and app, you can clicking on the blue question marks beside any of the graphs to learn more about the information you are looking at. Some graphs have toggles below so that the data can be toggled off to hide or toggled on to be shown. Your toggle preferences will be saved in-between visits on the specific device you’re using to view the data

1. Highlights
Shows the current and historical overviews of your system performance and your energy tariff (if you have provided the details to the support team) 


2. Household
Shows current and historic information and analytics on your household energy consumption, including a comparison of the sources drawn from. 


3. Storage
Shows current and historical information and analytics on your battery’s charging and discharging behaviour

Energy Profile
3. Storage > Battery

Shows current and historical data on the power flowing into and out of the battery, the level of charge, and any upcoming charging plan if this has been set for your battery, for more detail on optimised charging and Operation modes click here

4. Grid
Shows current and historical information and analytics on your house’s use of grid energy including any power exported back to the grid.

Grid Energy Profile

5. Solar
Shows current and historical information and analytics on your solar panels’ generation and how this has been utilised.


6. Account
Options to switch between multiple sites, change your account email address, reset password or contact customer support.

  • Mobile App

The Moixa mobile app offers a more concise way to view your system’s performance over the last day, week or month.

If you own a larger capacity battery, you will be able to see historic predictions and predictions for the day ahead for your solar generation and household consumption.
These are shown as dashed lines on your Power Flow Overview graph on the Highlights page, and your Power Flow graphs shown on Household and Solar pages. Unfortunately these predictions are not available for our V3 and V3C model systems.

The predictions are based on the previous two weeks of performance data from your battery as well as localised weather reports for the day ahead. Your predictions will be updated at least every 24 hours.

If your system is set with a personalised charging plan based on your time of use tariff, it’s important that you do not alter your behaviour too much based on the predicted levels of solar, unpredictable changes in behaviour may result in you seeing less savings from the battery.


My Username and/or Password is not recognised?Your username will be the email address you first registered with Moixa or confirmed to the Engineer on the day of your installation.

If you have forgotten your password, you can set a new one by visiting:

There is no battery associated with my accountIf you receive an error message that there isn’t a battery associated with your account please contact your support team to resolve this issue for you.

Following any maintenance work it can take up to two working days for your account to be updated so you can view the live data from your system again.

There’s no data showing for my batteryYour battery needs a stable connection to your internet router for the performance data to be populated on your dashboard.

If there is no data being displayed then your battery may be offline.

Please see the troubleshooting page for your specific model to help reconnect your battery to the internet.

The data on my dashboard does not match my actual usage?Due to the clamps used in most Moixa system installations we do allow for up to 5% discrepancy between our data and your meter readings.

The ‘Power Flow’ view refreshes every 30 seconds which might not be as frequent as other monitoring platforms, therefore you may occasionally see some slight difference between our dashboard and other live monitoring tools.

If the level of discrepancy appears to be larger than 5% please contact your support team.

My Username and/or Password is not recognised?Your username will be the email address you first registered with Moixa or confirmed to the Engineer on the day of your installation.

If you have forgotten your password, you can set a new one by visiting:

When I log in I see the message
“Sorry, something has gone wrong”
Please ensure the clock on your device is set to the correct time, if this is not set correctly to UTC then you will not be able to log in.

If you still receive this error when logging in please refresh the page once, if this still does not resolve the problem please contact your support team to assist further.

When I log in I see the message
“Please contact support to add your current tariff details”
If we don’t have full tariff information for you this message will be shown, if you would like to see your correct tariff information please contact support to submit them. We especially recommends this if you’re on a time-of-use tariff so your battery can be optimised for your tariff.

You can use the Tariff toggle at the bottom of the screen to hide this message if you do not want to provide your tariff details.

My tariff information is incorrect If you have recently changed energy tariff and would like this to be updated, or have not previously provided any tariff details, please contact support and they will be able to correct this for you
“Sorry, there is an error fetching tariff data, please try again later.”There has been an issue fetching your tariff data, this may be down to a network issue or decoding error. Please check the Dashboard later to see if this is resolved, if this is a persistent issue then contact support.
The time stamps on the graphs are not correctPlease ensure the time zone on your device is set to GMT, if this is not set correctly the graphs on your dashboard will not show the correct time.