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There are two ways to charge your Moixa Battery with guaranteed savings

Solar energy storage

Solar energy storage

Your solar panels will work through the day to power your home. Any excess energy will charge your Moixa Smart Battery, ready to be used for free in
the evening and through the night.

Time of use charging

Time of use charging

In addition to charging from your spare solar energy, the Moixa Smart Battery can be charged when grid electricity is cheap, for example if you have a time of use tariff. We can set a charging plan for you to take advantage of your tariff, charge cheaply overnight and then use it the next day.

Solar PV: Power up during daylight

Take advantage of the daylight hours to produce electricity to power your home.

  • Great investment
  • 25-year performance guarantee
  • Year-round power generation
  • Save up to 50% on your energy bills

Moixa Smart Battery: Save it for later!

The Moixa Smart Battery allows you to store electricity charged from your solar panels, rather than sending spare solar energy back to the grid.

  • Can be added to existing solar panels
  • Store unused solar electricity to power your home in the evening
  • Charge your Smart Battery from the grid with an off-peak tariff like Economy 7
  • Compact size (2kWh & 3kWh: 50.5 x 34.5 x 24.5 cm, 4.8kWh: 77cm x 52.5cm x 20cm).
  • Ask us about our flexible payment options

Moixa Dashboard: Guiding you to the biggest savings

Take advantage of the personalised Moixa Dashboard, offering a range of live data regarding your energy generation and consumption.

  • Provides 24/7 system monitoring in order to ensure optimal performance at all times
  • GridShare software evaluates your home’s energy profile and continually generates a personalised charging plan for the battery which is optimised to save money for your household
  • Join GridShare membership & receive £50 fixed payments for the first 3 years, after which we will offer a profit share option on any future incomes generated from battery to grid services

Why Moixa?

Quick and Easy Savings

Our team can install your solar panels and Moixa Smart Battery in less than a day, so you can start saving up to 50% on your energy bills straight away.

100% UK based

From the R&D to the Customer Services team, all of our business is based in the UK providing a personal and dedicated service to all of our customers.

Exceptional Customer support

Our customer support team offer expert knowledge on our service and are always at the end of the phone, happy to answer any of your questions.

Market leaders

Moixa started in battery technology in 2008, with the innovative USB Cell. Our solar battery is now in over 1000 homes, with a collective benefit to our customers of over half a million pounds last year.

Flexible payment options helps make solar energy available to everyone

We want to introduce as many people as possible to the green energy revolution. That is why we are keen to offer varied payment option to suit every pocket.

Benefits of flexible payment options:

  • Choose the best way to pay.
  • Spread the cost while enjoying your savings immediately.
  • Use renewable energy from day one and reduce your dependency on the grid!

£123 per month typical payment for 2kWh battery.


Payment structure depends on exactly which product you purchase.

We will discuss your energy needs and the nature of your property in detail over the phone to make sure you get the ideal fit.

Here’s an example of how the flexible payment terms could work in practice:

  • You’re quoted £3450 for a 3kWh Moixa Smart Battery – one of our most popular options (inc. VAT & installation)
  • You pay a 50% deposit of £1725, followed by 12 monthly payments of £143.75 to settle the original balance.

Once that initial year of payments is over, you’ll be making those ongoing savings for years to come; solar storage is here to benefit you for the long haul!

Getting a solar and battery bundle and prefer not to pay 50% deposit? With a balance reducing loan you can get your system installed from as little as £100!

In addition to being able to spread the cost of your Moixa Smart Battery purchase, you will also gain access to your personalised Moixa Dashboard that allows you to track details such as your energy generation and home energy usage. It will also factor in insights such as upcoming weather forecasts to maximise your solar battery’s productivity and maximise the savings you make. This will allow your savings to increase even further over time.

When it comes to applying for our flexible payment options, the process is simple.

Solar energy may seem like a complex industry, but we don’t see any need to complicate the process of getting you the energy savings – and financial savings – that you’re signing up for. When purchasing a Moixa Smart Battery on flexible payment terms, our process is fairly straightforward:

1. Enquire about the Moixa Smart Battery, or our solar battery and panels bundle
2. Ask the Moixa team about our flexible payment options – we love to talk savings!
3. With your permission, the Moixa team will conduct a quick Experian Credit Check
4. You pay a 50% deposit and then sign a Loan Agreement for the remaining 50%
5. Once installed, your remaining balance is equally split over 12 interest-free monthly payments!

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See the average savings!

Check out these statistics...

  • 1900 kWh  of electricity generated straight from your roof – equivalent to 42 kettle boils per day
  • £253 savings from your solar energy and Moixa Smart Battery
  • £50 for first three years of joining GridShare membership

£303 Your first year benefit

  • 2850 kWh  of electricity generated straight from your roof – equivalent to 62 kettle boils per day
  • £380 in savings from your solar energy and Moixa Smart Battery
  • £50 for first three years of joining GridShare membership

£430 Your first year benefit

  • 3800 kWh  of electricity generated straight from your roof – equivalent to 82 kettle boils per day
  • £515  in savings from your solar energy and Moixa Smart Battery
  • £50 for first three years of joining GridShare membership

£565 Your first year benefit

From £123 per month with 50% payment up front

Available in:

2kWh, 3kWh & 4.8kWh


True South facing roof in Brighton with a 40 degree roof pitch generating yield of 1100 kWh per kWp per annum. Home Consumes more than 3000 kWh from the grid. Electricity price per kWh is 15p. Assumed Energy Price Rise of 7% per annum. Assumes customer consumes 50% of their solar generation, not including energy fed into the battery. A full kettle boil of 1.5 pints uses 125 watts. All rounded to 0 decimal places.

Smart Battery Technical Specification

Each all-in-one pack includes battery, inverter and smart electronics

2 kWh

LiFePO4 Battery Unit

3 kWh

LiFePO4 Battery Unit

Power Inputs

2kWh & 3kWh batteries 

Mains AC . Fused input (3A) between 85 – 263V AC / 120 – 373V DC

PV panel inputs, standard MC4 PV connections, up to 15A, max PPT 35V rated panel

1 x PSU input, rated at max 700W

Power Output

2kWh & 3kWh batteries

1 x internal connector to micro-inverter, rated at 17A DC

1 x AC output (micro-inverter version), rated at max 500W

Battery Storage

2kWh & 3kWh batteries

Replaceable battery module (service visit), 40Ah or 60 Ah per module.   Projected life > 10,000 full charge cycles, >80% DOD

Batteries are rated at max 15A charge / discharge rate. Fully charged at 28.8V, discharge terminated at 23V

Protection & Compliance

All connections between power sources are protected with logic controlled fault detection circuitry that disconnects all power when activated. Protection is for over current (>17A), over voltage (>36V), and under voltage (<20V) conditions.

Earth fault protection is provided through comparator analysis in software, disconnects all power outputs when activated. All DC outputs are additionally protected with thermal fuses, typically rated at 8A, but matched on install to network

Designed to comply with FCC/EMC (EN301-489-1), ROHS, EN60950-1, Canada (ICES003) & Microinverter to G83/2.

3-phase households not supported


Ethernet port


Zigbee comms support for additional system components

LowPan/SigFox/RS on request


Standard Warranty: 5 years unit, 10 years batteries @ 70% of initially rated capacity.

Extended warranty and battery replacement/upgrade service available (to 20 years performance) for as long as the customer is a participant of the GridShare scheme


Specifications subject to change without notice

Patented and patents pending including (US201000076615, US8849471, GB2476213, US20140159584, GB2510804 (Distributed Smart Battery Systems))