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What is solar storage and what are the benefits?

Solar storage, or solar batteries, are the best way of maximising the value of solar panels. Solar batteries charge themselves using spare solar power generated during the day, and then discharge at night so the household can make the most of this free energy.

Moixa Smart Batteries are compatible with all solar PV systems, so they can be retrofitted very easily, typically in 1-2 hours.

Solar storage is not just restricted to solar panel owners.

The Moixa Smart Battery can be charged from an economy tariff overnight, when electricity is cheap, and discharged during the day when electricity is more expensive.

Further to this, Moixa will pay each battery owner £50 per year to be a part of Moixa GridShare, with potential future profits from the sale of surplus energy.

Home batteries can also offer an effective way to power lighting and low energy systems during black outs and power cuts. This will require the installer to make a few alterations, so please make sure you enquire about this before install.


Who will install my battery?

One of our Moixa Accredited Installers will install your solar battery. Our training process is extensive and only the best installers are chosen, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

The Moixa Smart Battery can be placed in any accessible location within 10m of the consumer unit. It is commonly installed in your cupboard under the stairs, or in a utility room.

At Moixa, installation is included in the price you are quoted. Typically, a solar panel plus battery install will be completed in one working day.

Our batteries can only be installed by Moixa Accredited Installers.


If you are an electrician and would like to become a Moixa Accredited Installer, please email us at enquiries@moixa.com


How big is the Moixa Smart Battery?

Each unit measures 50cm x 30cm x 20cm. It weighs only 30kg, so can easily be mounted on the wall.

Yes! It’s true that on a cloudy day typical solar panels will produce less than their rated capacity, but you can still get a decent amount of energy production out of them and reduce your bills.

Unlike many other batteries, the Moixa Smart Battery comes with a built-in inverter, so it is compatible with all solar installations and don’t require any other equipment.

Yes, lithium ion phosphate batteries are 99% recyclable.

As standard, a Moixa Smart Battery comes with a 10-year warranty. However, it is extendable for as long as you remain a GridShare member. Potentially ensuring you a battery for life!

We’ve kept the charging rates as low as possible, to ensure the battery has the best possible chance of being cycled all year round, as it only requires a small amount of spare PV to charge, and a low discharge rate, to match the base load of your home and make consistent savings. Since a battery has 10,000 cycles, its life expectancy is equivalent to 27 years if discharged once per day.

The battery charges at a rate of approximately 350w per hour, and discharges at a rate of approximately 430w per hour.

The 2kWh battery can charge itself in around 5-6 hours and discharge itself in 3-5 hours.


The 3kWh battery can charge itself in around 8 hours and discharge itself in 6-7 hours.




In relation to the charging rates, the most important factor to consider when choosing a battery, is appropriate sizing.

The size of the battery you need depends on how much PV you are generating and how much of it you have spare. Thus, you probably don’t need the biggest battery available on the market, as you would not be able to enjoy the benefits of it.

In the UK, most residential solar installs will be restricted to 3.68kWp, and as we don’t enjoy the highest irradiation levels all year round, it would be impossible to fill up an oversized battery, apart from in July & August. For example, a 3.68kWp system may generate 29 Kw on sunny day in July, but it will probably only generate 3.68Kw throughout the winter months, and around 7-8 kW in Spring & Autumn. Your home will likely be consuming electricity during the day, even if unoccupied, so not all of this would be spare PV, available to fill a battery. As our battery has such a low charge rate and a smaller capacity, our battery would still be get charged and cycled, even with only a minor amount of spare PV available. Whereas a bigger battery wouldn’t stand a chance, other than in the summer.

Whilst a full battery in the summer sounds great, do keep in mind that the Summer is when we consume the least amount of electricity, as we require less heating, and we spend more time outdoors or on holiday. So, the one time of the year where you could fill a larger battery, is also the only time of the year where you don’t need it, or can’t use it.

We have designed our battery, with the average UK consumer in mind and we believe it is far more sensible to opt for a reasonably priced smaller battery, such as our 2-3kWh battery, which you will be able to benefit from, consistently all year round. As opposed to paying a premium for a larger capacity, which you won’t be able to use or benefit from.

The Moixa Smart Battery will use approximately 100 MB per month.

If this is an issue for you we can reduce the traffic to your system. However, please be informed that this could limit how much of your data will be visible for us, which could affect our ability to help you, ins case you had any issues in the future. Because of this we recommend staying at the standard 100 MB per month.

Savings and earnings

How much could I save?

How much you save depends on your annual energy consumption and your PV system. For more accurate savings estimates, please fill in a contact form and we will be in touch.

The Moixa Smart Battery can be retrofitted to any solar system and will not affect Feed-In Tariffs or payments. This means solar panel owners can benefit the most from home batteries and don’t need to worry about losing their FIT income. Your existing export payment remains in place (based on 50% of your total solar generation).

You can transfer ownership with one simple form or you can keep the government tariff.

Moixa GridShare is a customer scheme designed to give every qualifying Moixa battery customer cash back, in return for Moixa intelligently managing their batteries.

Moixa GridShare helps balance the energy demands of the grid, whilst providing the participating households with an extra income.  Moixa GridShare uses the “smart brain” built into every Moixa Battery to combine the stored energy (or spare capacity) of each customer in order to push energy to the National Grid on occasions during the year. Think of the way your solar panels work by pushing energy into the National Grid in return for a feed-in tariff. Moixa is paid by the National Grid every year for providing these services and will share this income with participating customers.

Our proprietary system generates income for our customers, helps to balance the National Grid’s energy demands, and reduces fossil fuel burn through smart energy management.

If you have any questions please contact us at gridshare@moixa.com or call us at 0161 883 2374.

Refer a Friend Program

Who can refer a friend?

Anyone can invite their friends or family to become a Moixa customer. However, the referral reward is only valid for those who are Moixa customers.

You qualify for the reward only if your friend buys either a Smart Battery and solar bundle, or a Moixa Smart Battery on its own, within one month from the initial conversation.

After your friend is fully installed, you will be eligible for £200 payment via Paypal or check.

Once your friend’s Smart Battery has been installed, we’ll send you an email confirmation and ask about the preferred option to receive the money (via Paypal or check).

There is no limit to the number of referrals, so spread the word!

Referred friend has to mention the name of a person who referred them during the first call that they have with our Solar Storage Specialist (before getting quoted).

Once referred friends mention the name of a friend who referred them (during initial call), they automatically qualify for £200 off their install (this will be detailed in their quote).