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Quite a number of UK families and individuals have begun to opt for domestic solar panels to power their homes. A number are now looking for the possibilities presented by the enhanced domestic solar power systems by using a solar battery to store your energy. Various homeowners can all benefit from this new ecologically friendly and economically viable option through the Moixa Smart Battery which can work with new or existing solar panels.

Whether you are a new homeowner, new parent, approaching retirement or in any other situation, making use of the solar energy generated by domestic solar panels could be an ideal fit for you. Moixa works to assist UK residents looking for ways to benefit from their solar energy. This is why we provide highly effective domestic solar power systems that provide power to use during the day, and importantly, also at night.

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Of course, many people in the UK are familiar with some of the simpler uses of solar power for quite a while now. There are many common gadgets using solar power, but at the same time most UK residents are less familiar with the ability to store solar energy and use it at a later time.

Recent years have seen an increased number of areas utilising solar panels to power their homes as they receive sunlight. With Moixa’s domestic solar panels and battery, you can advance this further. We offer a far superior option for solar energy storage. You can store the solar energy in your solar battery, therefore, saving power to use at a later point when you need it, as compared to only using the power there and then directly.

Key features of Moixa’s domestic solar power systems include:

  • You can incorporate our Smart Battery alongside your existing solar panels
  • Any unused domestic solar power will be stored for later use in the evening
  • Allowing a significant reduction in energy bills at your home (more in ‘how much will I save’ section)
  • Delivered via a small single unit battery that can fit in many places around the home or garage

The primary benefit of the domestic solar panel battery system by Moixa is in being able to generate energy to use during the day and store it for later use through the night. Similar to the common solar panels, the solar energy is taken in by our domestic solar panels. The key difference is that our systems have a Moixa Smart Battery that is charged by the excess energy you’re not using currently.

This provides sufficient energy to power your home overnight. The systems also have an impressive interface that allows you to view the amount of energy you’re using and saving currently. This is the Moixa Dashboard that allows you to actually optimise the energy you’re using and make possible savings. You can select between a 2kWp, 3kWp and 4kWp options to impact on the amount of energy you generate and store.

On average, the daily solar energy you generate is equivalent to the power need to boil 42 to 83 kettles depending on your battery size and number of solar panels. Talk to us for advice on the most effective domestic solar panels for your home. If you want more details on how our domestic solar power systems work, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of experts who can chat extensively about your particular domestic solar power needs.

Considering the many benefits that come with this installation by Moixa, you may be wondering how much you will pay for the domestic solar panels and accompanying solar battery.

This is a common concern with many homeowners. It is quite hard to give an exact estimate, because certain factors determine the expenses of the installation. We will need to know whether you already have solar panels, as well as the kWp system suitable for your home. For now, rough estimates include:

  • For a 2kWp solar panel system and Moixa Smart Battery (including full installation and VAT): £4995
  • 2kWh solar battery alone (including installation and VAT): £2950
  • 3kWh solar battery alone (including installation and VAT): £3450
  • The most common solar panel system we install for clients is 14 solar panels and a 3kWh battery: up to £9000

However, the best way to get close to truest cost is by filling in some simple details of your home on our Receive a Quote page to get a quote.

It is useful to learn of how much you will save with Moixa’s domestic solar panels and Smart Battery. We are confident here at Moixa that any homeowner will save a lot, through benefits such as:

  • 10-year warranty on your Moixa Smart Battery, which is extendable for as long as you are members of GridShare
  • Generation of power throughout the year
  • 20-year government-backed income
  • Up to £680 in savings a year between solar savings, feed-in tariff and GridShare cashback
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Saving up to 60% of your existing energy bills from the very first day of use
  • Significantly add potential value to your home

We are sure that you and many other homeowners will find our domestic solar power systems and their many advantages appealing to utilise in your home. We installed over 1,000 domestic solar power systems with Moixa Smart Battery in the UK, leading to savings of over half a million pounds collectively.

We hope that this guide is helpful to you if you’re interested in domestic solar panels for your family home. Our team in the UK would be more than happy to answer any of the questions you might have. If you want to learn more about our high-quality domestic solar power options, please contact us by phone, email or online form with details from our Contact page.

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*based on an average 3.5kw system in Brighton, south facing, 40-degree pitched roof, with no shade and using national grid PLC statistics on energy power plant carbon intensity. A combination of solar savings, feed in tariff, GridShare cashback payments. 

** Gridshare is Moixa’s unique membership scheme that pays you £50 per year for the first three years of joining, if you make spare energy available for trading at peak times in the future.

Moixa is the UK’s leading smart battery

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