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Here at Moixa, we understand how to help you make the most of your home energy consumption. We are at the forefront of domestic solar storage systems and Smart Battery technology, helping over 1,000 clients to take advantage of their domestic solar battery. You may be wondering how you can take advantage of the solar panels already installed at your home in a more efficient way than you already are.

With the Moixa Smart Battery, we give you access to cutting-edge technology that will help you significantly reduce your energy costs, add value to your property, and also help reduce your carbon footprint. We are experienced in helping first time homeowners, young families looking to lower their home’s running costs, environmentally-conscious individuals looking to help the environment and those looking to increase their home’s valuation.

Through expert installation of domestic solar panels and a Moixa Smart Battery to work alongside them, we can help find your ideal solution. Our range of domestic solar battery services are suitable for many different types of homes, many different budgets and average energy usage levels. We can help you start to think smartly about long-term energy consumption in the home and all of the associated costs that go with it.

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The Moixa Smart Battery has been designed and developed to give our clients the best chance to build intuitive domestic solar battery solutions within domestic properties. You have access to all of the energy that is generated by domestic solar storage systems via your solar roof panels, powering your home throughout the day, but also at night when the sun has gone down.

The Moixa Smart Battery charges through your domestic solar panels, allowing you to use the surplus solar energy at night. It is a smartly built compact unit that stores your solar energy easily and can be fitted to complement the aesthetic of your home and not become an eyesore. We can fit our units in garages, cupboards under the stairs or on the wall of a home. You will be reducing your energy bills and at the same time having a positive effect on the environment through a significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

Our domestic solar battery options have been designed to be effective through two possible routes. In the first instance, your smart battery is charged from the electricity generated from your domestic solar panels during the daylight hours. This solar power storage works to take any excess energy that hasn’t been used to power your home at the time of it being generated by your solar panels and store it in the installed domestic solar battery for later use. This ensures that when night-time arrives and your solar panels are no longer creating energy, you still have enough stored in the domestic battery to power your home in the evening and overnight.

Another way that the domestic solar battery works is that it can also be charged through a cheap Economy 7 style tariff. This means that your battery charges overnight and you then have access to cheaper electricity during the daytime. The Moixa dashboard provides easy access to clients, with all up-to-the-minute data and information you need to perfectly analyse your energy consumption and learn where you can make savings.

This allows you to have complete control over your domestic Solar Battery, with its sophisticated system allowing you to manage your solar energy in the most efficient way and save significant amounts in the long-term. The domestic solar storage system from Moixa is an industry leader within the UK, offering huge benefit to our clients.

Our experts will speak to you about your current energy usage, whether you have domestic solar panels already installed, or if you are looking for a brand new domestic solar storage system to be installed at your home. Once you know your ideal system, between 2kWp, 3kWp and 4kWp, it will give a clearer idea on costs.

Our Receive a Quote page is ideal for you to fill out a few simple details for our experts to take a look at. From there we can put together a definitive, bespoke quote to suit your home specifically. We have a range of Smart Battery options to choose from, chosen based on the requirements from your property. All of our domestic solar battery options come with a 10-year warranty.

Our Moixa Dashboard gives the domestic solar battery an edge, just one reason why we are an industry leader in the UK. Through careful analysis of current data relating to your energy consumption you can find ways in which to reduce your carbon footprint significantly and lower costs in quite a short space of time.

Depending on which of the domestic Smart Battery and solar panel system options you choose to install at your home, you can expect to make an average annual saving of somewhere between £425 and £680.

We have found over the years that our customers are experiencing a 60% saving on energy bills. You can make money through selling any surplus energy created as part of the Feed-In Tariff, as well as by joining our GridShare membership, or by charging a domestic battery through Economy 7 tariff at night and utilising cheaper electricity during the day.

Your domestic solar storage systems can help you make significant cost savings in the long-term, and with a Smart Battery you can increase this even further. If you would like to find more information about the Moixa Smart Battery, please take a look around our site, or get in touch with our team via the Contact page. You can speak to an expert member of our team via email, telephone or web form and we’ll call you back at a suitable time for you.

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Moixa is the UK’s leading smart battery

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*based on an average 3.5kw system in Brighton, south facing, 40-degree pitched roof, with no shade and using national grid PLC statistics on energy power plant carbon intensity. A combination of solar savings, feed in tariff, GridShare cashback payments. 

** Gridshare is Moixa’s unique membership scheme that pays you £50 per year for the first three years of joining, if you make spare energy available for trading at peak times in the future.

Moixa is the UK’s leading smart battery

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