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The past few years have seen more and more UK homeowners utilise solar energy to power their homes. Here at Moixa, we operate as a leading solar panel and smart battery provider in the UK, offering a superior range of options for solar panels in Cornwall. Our solar panels come alongside our Moixa smart battery technology. We have provided solar panels and solar battery in Cornwall and around the country since 2010. Over 1,000 clients now get to enjoy the long-term economic and environmental benefits of our solar panels and battery solutions.

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There’s a lot to gain from our solar panels and Moixa Smart battery. Of course, residents of Cornwall have been enjoying the benefits of solar panels for many years. That said, it is becoming clear to many that using solar panels alone comes with limitations. Now, various homeowners are looking for solar panels in Cornwall alongside a solar battery that will offer them solar energy to use during the day and at night. This is definitely an option every homeowner can benefit from exploring.

Moixa provides just what many families and individuals are looking for with regards to the next generation in solar technology. We have smart solar batteries to go with solar panels, enabling you to store unused solar energy during the day for use at night when you need it. A range of clients, from first-time homeowners to growing families to retired couples, as well as many others, can access the many benefits of solar panels and battery systems.

Our solar panel services in Cornwall are ideal for most homeowners. Through the ability to store solar energy, you can drastically reduce your energy bills in the region of 60% from the moment you install. This ability to combine environmental consciousness with economic benefit, is a key point in how Moixa’s range of solar battery Cornwall options can offer various added advantages.

Any residents utilising solar batteries in Cornwall will have the energy storage capabilities to use solar energy at night, through solar energy taken in during the day, while you can even store energy by charging your battery overnight on an Economy 7 tariff.

Besides considerably reducing your energy bills, using solar panels and a Moixa Smart Battery in Cornwall allow you to sell any surplus solar energy you store back to a shared grid (through the GridShare service). So, you can earn savings and solve other homeowners’ energy needs with our solar panels in Cornwall.

We are proud to be part of offering a revolutionary progression to the solar energy industry in the UK by complementing solar panels with our Moixa Smart Battery. You’re welcome to learn more about how our enhanced solar battery systems work, with information available across our site and our expert team happy to speak to interested individuals.

There is a range of options for the solar PV systems that we offer at Moixa, each at different initial costs. You can choose between 2 kWp, 3 kWp and 4 kWp system to enjoy various storage capacities and other benefits. Our solar panels for Cornwall come with access to the Moixa Dashboard, from where you can monitor and optimise the energy you use to maximise savings. Our team of experts would be delighted to chat over your current home state and energy requirements in order to find you the most effective solar panel and Moixa Smart Solar Battery Cornwall solution.

It is our pleasure to assist homeowners to take a step forward towards the many benefits offered by our solar panels in Cornwall. Benefits that come from combining the solar panels and Moixa Smart Battery include:

  • 10-year warranty (A lifetime warranty for those who join GridShare)
  • Power generation throughout the year
  • 20-year government-backed income
  • Up to £600 in savings per year between solar savings, feed-in tariff, GridShare cashback
  • 60% of savings on your existing energy bill right from the first day of installation.
  • Reduced environmental impact

Having helped more than 1,000 clients across the UK get Moixa’s solar panels and battery system installations, we have provided a collective saving of over half a million pounds through our network of homeowners. It is worth noting that in addition to the ecological benefits and financial savings on your energy bills, there is also the potential of adding additional value to your home because of the installation.

You might be interested in knowing more about our solar panel services in Cornwall. Contact us by phone on 0207 734 1511 or email us at We have a friendly and expert team who will be very happy to discuss your specific solar energy needs. Our experts will then advise on the ideal solar battery Cornwall option to suit your needs.

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  • Save up to £600 per year on your energy bills*

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by 1.2 tonnes of CO2 per year*

  • Quick and easy install. Up and running in a day

  • 25-year product warranty on Solar, 10 years on Smart Battery (extendable warranty for as long as you're signed up to GridShare**)

  • Over 1,000 UK domestic customers

  • Dedicated UK based support team at hand to answer any questions

  • Personalised Moixa Dashboard lets you see real-time energy generation and usage

  • Invented and designed in the UK

  • Flexible payment options available

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*based on an average 3.5kw system in Brighton, south facing, 40-degree pitched roof, with no shade and using national grid PLC statistics on energy power plant carbon intensity. A combination of solar savings, feed in tariff, GridShare cashback payments. 

** Gridshare is Moixa’s unique cashback scheme that pays you a guaranteed £50 per year, if you make spare energy available for trading at peak times.


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