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How do solar panels store electricity? This is a question that many people have enquired with over the years, and with this handy guide we aim to furnish you with all the information you need to make a decision on whether to install solar panels at your home. If you are thinking of storing electricity from solar power and looking for details on how long do solar panels store energy? then it may be a more straightforward answer than you would think.

Solar panels themselves do not store energy; they create electricity that you can use to power your home. If you want to store energy for future use, or to sell back to the Grid to make money, you can do so, by combining the solar panels on the roof of your home with a solar battery storage unit. Here at Moixa we provide the combined solar system as our standard option, as we understand completely how you can maximise the potential of solar power to take back control of your energy production and consumption, lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and even add money to the value of your property should you wish to sell or refinance in future.

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Can you store electricity? If you are using solar panels only, then unfortunately not. That’s why Moixa has decided to sell and install a combined product and service of solar panels alongside a Moixa Smart Battery unit. This helps you utilise the marvellous attributes of solar panels. So, how do solar panels work in the first place? In the UK more people over the last decade or so have started to install solar panels as they realise the potential for taking control of creating electricity. The solar panels have PV (Photovoltaic) cells within them to turn sunlight into electricity.

Now, in the first instance this means that you can connect the solar panels to anything that you wish to power, from a garden light in the back yard, to the garage, appliances in the utility room, anything across the home. During the day time this will mean that your house is powered by solar energy, butwhat happens with regards to solar energy when the sun goes down?

Can you store energy from solar panels? Yes, quite easily, and with Moixa we can help you fulfil that potential for your solar panels and power your home day and night.But how do solar panels store electricity? By connecting the Moixa Smart Battery to your system of solar panels, you can charge it up during the day, alongside whatever else you are powering using the solar electricity being created by the panels on the roof of the property. When darkness falls, you can then access the electricity by using the solar battery, meaning that your home can continue to use solar power throughout the entire day and night!

Another option with our flexible product is that you can charge up the Smart Battery and any surplus energy is sold back to the Grid, via the dashboard system, meaning that you can make money on solar electricity production, as well as reduce your energy bills as you lower your reliance on traditional energy companies to power your appliances. The units are small and won’t look bulky or out of place wherever you choose to have them installed within the home. We offer 2kWh and 3kWh units, ensuring that we cater to a range of solar energy needs.

As we stated above, we offer two different types of Moixa Smart Battery. This, allied with the fact that different households will require different numbers of solar panels to be installed depending on the specific energy requirements of your home, is why we can’t just give you a definitive figure here and now.

Nor would we want to, as we understand that every customer is different to the next. If you visit our Receive a Quote page you can start to get an idea about what to expect, so we can get the ball rolling on discussing your specific energy needs and how we can help you.What we can do, however, is provide an overview of the general prices we offer:

  • For a 2kWp solar panel system and solar battery (including full installation and VAT) = £4995

For your Moixa Smart Battery alone (including installation and VAT):

  • 2kWh = £2950
  • 3kWh = £3450

The average Moixa customer will require 14 solar panels hooked up to a 3kWh battery unit, coming in at a cost of around £9,000. What you should also remember is that all of our prices include not only VAT, but also installation. On top of that, we can offer flexible payment options to allow you to spread the cost.

We’re happy to help you find a solution to the question of can you store energy from solar panels? You can start to see the benefits and how they outweigh any costs of installing solar panels at your home. The decision we took to provide a combined product of solar panels and solar battery units is the best one for our clients.The energy produced on average is equivalent to between 42 and 83 kettle boils per day, and immediately you’ll experience an energy bill saving of up to 60% from day one!

Depending on the type of battery unit you choose, the annual energy bill savings will be somewhere between £425 and £680.

On top of energy savings you can also choose to join GridShare membership which our way of using spare battery capacity to support a low-carbon, renewable energy powered future and enables us to trade spare electricity with the grid. Membership gives them access to a free extended warranty for as long as they are members and allows them to earn additional income. For the first three years, GridShare members receive a fixed payment of £50, after which we will offer a profit share option on any future incomes generated from battery to grid services.

For more information and to find out the definitive answer to your specific question of ‘can you store electricity?’ head on over to our Contact page where you can find out how to speak to a friendly member of our customer service team.

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