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Are Solar Panels Worth It?

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Are solar panels worth the investment? In the last 10 years or so there has been a steady increase in the number of customers working out the answer to that question. We have had many customers approach us asking ‘is it worth buying solar panels?’ before deciding to install solar panels and solar battery systems to their homes, with excellent results.

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Are solar panels worth it in the UK?  Yes, and with a Moixa Smart Battery, you can unlock the full potential of solar energy. By installing solar panels, you are able to generate your own renewable energy during the day, but unfortunately without battery storage, if you generate more energy than you can consume this excess is sent back to the grid.

Therefore, when you combine solar panels with battery storage you are able to use more of the energy that you generate, reducing your reliance on energy providers and cutting down your bills. With solar panels and a Smart solar battery, Moixa has helped over 1,000 households reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy bills.


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What benefits do solar panels offer?

Moixa Smart Battery

Is it worth buying solar panels? We would highly recommend them, with a wide range of benefits attached to those homes where solar panels have been installed. Solar panels work by being installed on the roof of a property, absorbing direct sunlight and utilising the PV cells present in the panels to convert it into electricity. This electricity can be used to power single appliances, lights, equipment in the garden or the garage, or even the entire home for a time if solar energy generation is high enough.

If you are wondering, ‘are solar panels worth it in the UK’, then Moixa creates solar and storage systems with the UK market in mind. We take into account your household’s energy usage, location and lifestyle before suggesting a right-sized system to suit your needs. Did you know? When you buy solar panels through Moixa they come with a 25-year output performance warranty.

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Is it worth adding solar battery storage?

When we are asked the question, ‘are solar panels worth it in the UK’, depending on the house location and customer’s lifestyle, our answer is generally yes, especially when you add battery storage. One of the key reasons we believe solar panels are worth it in the UK is because they can be matched with a Moixa Smart Battery, unlocking the potential of solar energy.

Your solar panels will generate energy during the day but if you aren’t at home to use it, this will be sent to the grid. However, if you install a Moixa Smart Battery, it can be charged with this excess energy instead of sending it all to the grid.

On top of the battery charging from solar panels, it can also be charged at night when energy is cheap, for example, if you have a ‘time of use’ tariff. This allows you to power your home from cheap energy if your household starts to use electricity before the solar panels start to generate energy.

By adding battery storage, it gives your household more flexibility, as you can utilise solar energy in your home both day and night. You can also use your Moixa Dashboard to view your real-time and historical energy usage so you can change your habits in order to use more solar energy to help reduce your reliance on traditional energy providers.

If you are interested, you can also sign up to a GridShare Membership which gives you access to a free extended warranty for as long as you are a part of it and allows you to earn additional income.


What is the pricing for solar panels in the UK?

In helping our customers to consider questions around solar panels; are they worth it and which option is best for your home, our experts at Moixa have worked hard over the years to develop a range of products and services that bring real value for money and long-term savings to our customers.

We know that each household is unique, and if you are looking to cut costs in terms of your energy bills, add value to your home with a view to selling in future, or just aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, we believe we can provide you with a home system of solar panels and Moixa Smart Battery that suits your needs and budgets.

Head on over to our Receive a Quote page where you can fill out some simple details about your home, and from there we’ll be able to offer expert advice and guidance on which type of solar panel system is right for you. Are solar panels worth the investment? Why not look at an example of our solar battery cost on our flexible payment terms:

  • You’re quoted £4,450 for a 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery (inc. VAT & installation)
  • You pay a 50% deposit of £2,225 followed by 12 monthly payments of £185.42 to settle the original balance.

All our quotes for solar batteries and systems include VAT and installation, the solar panels come with a 25-year output performance warranty and the Smart Battery comes with a 10-year warranty. We believe solar and storage brings a wide range of benefits that you’ll see for years to come. Offering our systems on flexible payment terms helps you spread the cost to suit your budget.

Why buy a solar battery?

Home Solar Battery System

  • Battery can be added to existing solar panels
  • Unused solar energy can be stored for use 24/7
  • Average annual savings from £425 to £680
  • New and improved 4.8kWh battery capacity
  • 25-year panel warranty, 10-year battery warranty
  • Free extended solar battery warranty for as long as you are a GridShare member

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Are the savings worth it for solar panels in the UK?

We’ve been asked many times is it worth buying solar panels? As you can see above, the benefit of solar panel installation is well worth the investment for many. Energy prices have been on the rise since 2008 and by installing solar panels and batteries you can start to take back control, analyse your energy consumption and significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Our solar panel systems provide an immediate boost, with a saving of up to 50% experienced by our customers after installation, with annual bill savings of between £425 and £680 depending on which solar battery unit you choose to install and the number of solar panels you require. Having access to renewable energy 24/7 is a great long-term investment, as is becoming a GridShare Member.

All Moixa Smart Battery customers have the option of joining GridShare Membership. This gives them access to a free extended Smart Battery warranty and also allows Moixa to group all of the members’ solar batteries together to create a Virtual Power Plant.

GridShare Membership is our way of using solar battery capacity to support a low-carbon, renewable energy powered future and enables us to support the grid with spare electricity or battery capacity.

Households who sign up to GridShare Membership receive £50 every year for the first three years. Moixa also measures and reports on the impact of a smart battery device being used for Grid Services and provides additional reimbursement for any savings lost.


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Benefits of Solar Energy

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Moixa is a leading British technology company, making solar technology smarter in order to help our clients to save up to 50% on their energy bills.

Founded in 2006, we have been developing intelligent battery products since day one. We have always focused on making energy more intelligent and efficient for homes, supporting the move away from fossil fuels by optimising the way people generate, distribute and consume renewable energy.

Our focus is always on value for the end user, and we believe a sustainable future is one that brings benefits to all involved. Through our solar battery and solar panel bundles, we have helped thousands of households to save money. Our systems allow you to store solar power and/or cheap-tariff electricity, ready to use at a time that suits your home’s energy needs and maximises your savings.

Today, with more than 45 employees, and offices in London and Manchester, we are ready to help provide ideal renewable energy solutions to clients around the UK. Each and every home solar project we take on is marked by our core values of Innovation, Collaboration, Integrity, Quality and Passion.

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are always happy to speak to individuals and families about finding just the right solar battery system to meet their home’s energy profile, ensuring you get lasting value that will carry many years into the future.

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