Leading the way in Smart Battery technology

Moixa is a British technology company, we make technology smarter so that we can help you save up to 60% on your energy bills.

Our Smart Battery and Solar bundle helps households save money by storing spare-solar power or cheap tariff electricity.


Moixa have been deploying residential batteries and solar systems since 2010. We have helped our customers generate over 600,000 kWh (equivalent to just under £1m of savings) of home-grown British sunshine power and we have installed just over 1,000 battery systems in the UK, making us the UK’s leading smart battery provider.


We work with local installers near you, so you get the fastest and most reliable service possible.

Special Projects

Project ERIC – Moixa’s ERIC project (Energy Resources for Integrated Communities) in East Oxford, deployed 180KWh of smart energy storage across 82 homes, a school and community centre. This has generated considerable data over two and a half years, showing how aggregate storage can act as a community asset, leveraging local solar and enabling peer to peer energy sharing.

Isles of Scilly  Together with Hitachi and Passiv Systems, Moixa are delivering a £10.8m Smart Energy Island project on the Isle of Scilly – demostrating how an island smart grid and virtual power plant can manage distributed energy storage, electric vehicle, heat systems, renewables to balance local energy needs and reduce fuel poverty.

Moixa Awards and Memberships