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Solar Battery – Moixa Smart Batteries for Solar Storage

Households around the UK are switching to self-generated renewable energy and discovering the possibilities presented by solar battery options available for homes.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, new parents, or looking towards retirement, solar energy battery storage offers a range of economic and environmental benefits for every home.

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Here at Moixa, we help homeowners across the UK explore the benefits of using renewable solar energy to power their home both in the day – and more importantly – at night, through the capabilities of our range of solar batteries. Whether you are looking to add a solar battery to existing solar panels, or purchase solar panels alongside the battery – we’re here to offer the best match for your home.

As you consider the purchase of a solar battery or a solar panels and battery package, it is worth learning about the key features of solar energy storage and how a Moixa Smart Battery can improve your renewable energy self-consumption and reduce your energy bills.


Some key solar battery questions are covered in these guides:

How much money does a solar battery save?

Does a solar panel battery system increase home value?

How do solar batteries and solar panels work on cloudy days?

How much electricity does a solar panel battery system produce?


What is a solar battery?

Your solar panels generate energy during the day, but if you don’t use it, you will lose it.

With our Moixa Smart Battery, you can store the renewable solar energy you generate during the day to give you access to clean, free energy at night. A smart solar battery can be a great addition to your home.


Moixa Solar Battery & Solar PV

What is solar battery storage?

Solar battery storage is an innovative way of maximising the benefits of your solar panels.

Solar panels generate energy to power your home during the day, but without a solar battery, the extra energy generated is sent straight back to the grid. With a Moixa Smart Battery, you can store that extra solar energy, to use when you need it.


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How do solar batteries work?

The biggest advantage of solar energy battery storage is in its ability to take the energy generated by solar panels during the day and store it to power your home in the evening and overnight. This is a revolutionary step forward, with Moixa Smart Battery as the UK’s leading Smart Battery company.

Solar panels generate renewable energy during the day. This energy supplies electricity to your home. With energy prices constantly on the rise, it makes sense to use as much of the free electricity solar panels are producing as possible, instead of sending it back to the grid.

Solar battery storage makes this possible. The excess energy your home is not currently using goes into charging your Moixa Smart Battery, so instead of sending the excess electricity back to the grid, you store it in your solar battery, which can then discharge and power your appliances when the sun isn’t shining.

Using your Moixa Dashboard or app, you can gain access to a range of live data on your current energy consumption and the charge level of your smart battery. We ensure 24/7 system monitoring for optimal performance.


What makes the Moixa Smart Battery actually Smart?

GridShare is the software that puts the ‘smart’ into every Moixa Smart Battery. GridShare identifies a home’s energy generation and consumption patterns, it looks at weather forecasts and it can also review the home’s energy tariff.

By identifying your home energy generation and consumption patterns, along with weather activity, GridShare creates a charging plan which works best for your household’s needs.

You can also take advantage of the Moixa Dashboard and app, both of which are powered by GridShare, to see your real-time energy consumption and savings. All of these features ensure that your solar battery is used as efficiently as possible.


How can the Moixa Smart Battery support the future of energy?

All Moixa Smart Battery customers have the option of joining GridShare Membership. This gives them access to a free extended Smart Battery warranty and also allows Moixa to group all of the members’ solar batteries together to create a Virtual Power Plant.

GridShare Membership is our way of using solar battery capacity to support a low-carbon, renewable energy powered future and enables us to support the grid with spare electricity or battery capacity.

Households who sign up to GridShare Membership receive £50 every year for the first three years. Moixa also measures and reports on the impact of a smart battery device being used for Grid Services and provides additional reimbursement for any savings lost.

Why buy a solar battery?

  • Our solar batteries can be added to your solar panels
  • Unused solar energy can be stored for use 24/7
  • Lower your energy bills
  • New and improved 4.8kWh battery model
  • 25-year output performance warranty for solar panels
  • 10-year warranty on all Moixa Smart Battery options
  • Free extended warranty available with a  GridShare membership

These are only a few of the many benefits of a Moixa solar battery. For more details on how a solar panel battery system would work for your home, get in touch with our Solar Storage Specialists to discuss your exact energy profile.

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How much will I save with a solar battery?

Immediate Energy Savings

We understand savings are a key concern for any homeowner as they weigh up the possible economic and environmental benefits of a solar battery. While the cost of a solar battery system depends on the battery capacity and the number of panels you install, we do have some estimated average savings of batteries for solar panels, including:

  • Energy bills can be reduced by up to 50%
  • Earn £50 a year for three years through GridShare Membership
  • Check out average savings here

Find the Right Deal to Make the Most Savings

While you may see general solar battery quotes ranging from £2,000 to £10,000, visit our Receive a Quote page and enter a few details for a more definitive estimate on the cost for your home. Finding the right combination of solar panels and solar battery capacity allows you to get the ideal energy production for your home, maximising your savings.

As a guide, for just under £4,500 you can purchase our 4.8kWh solar battery to add onto existing solar panels. Should you require solar panels as well, this will obviously bring additional cost (exact cost depends on the number of solar panels) but we can offer an interest-free finance option to help you spread the cost.
Saving Money With Solar Batteries

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Can I spread the cost of buying a solar battery?

Initial Outlay vs Ongoing Value

That all depends on exactly which of our solar batteries you purchase – remember we will discuss your energy needs and the nature of your property in detail to make sure you get the ideal fit – but here’s an example of how the flexible payment terms could work in practice:

  • You’re quoted £4,450 for a 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery (inc. VAT & installation)
  • You pay a 50% deposit of £2,225 followed by 12 monthly payments of £185.42 to settle the original balance.

Once the initial year of payments is over and you’ve settled your balance, you’ll continue to make ongoing savings for many years to come. With a 25-year warranty on solar panels, and 10-year warranty on a Moixa Smart Battery – extendable if you join GridShare membership – solar storage is here to benefit you for the long term.


How do I know which solar panel battery system I need?

Moixa Smart Solar Battery

There are various factors that go into determining your home energy profile. It depends on the size of your home, the number of people living within the home and your energy consumption patterns. Put simply, the more electricity you use, the higher the number of solar panels and larger the solar battery capacity you will need to install to best meet those needs.

Most homes in the UK require anywhere between 4 and 16 solar panels in order to meet the needs of their home. Moixa advise our customers on the exact number of solar panels their home requires alongside their 4.8kWh solar battery. For example, a large home with 4+ bedrooms and several family members obviously uses much more electricity than a single person living in a one-bedroom bungalow, but it’s also important to evaluate when the energy is being used and how much of it is consumed during the day vs. in the evening or at night.

Moixa uses a range of insights to expertly review all the aspects of your home’s energy consumption, ensuring that you get the ideal number of solar panels for your home in order to maximise your solar energy efficiency and your overall savings.


How do we calculate your solar battery system requirements?

Calculate your Energy Profile

To accurately evaluate your solar battery system requirements, we need to understand your energy profile.

  • Step 1 in the process is getting your average daily usage in kWh, which can be done by taking your monthly (or quarterly) bill and dividing it by cost per unit.
  • Step 2 is understanding how much electricity the home uses in the day versus through the night.

On average, we see a split of around 60% day to 40% at night.

It is also important to keep in mind that for solar battery customers, their usage will often change to more day usage after solar is installed, as the customer should be putting their appliances on timers to run when solar is generating.

Finally, we take the average daily use (kWh) and multiply by the percentage of ‘night use’, which then gives us rough overnight usage in kWh.

We match this to your ideal solar battery system requirements, recommending the ideal number of solar panels to go with your 4.8kWh battery.

All of our batteries are created with the UK customer in mind, making sure it fits the intensity of solar generation and energy consumption of the average UK household.

Moixa Solar Battery In A Home

Can a solar battery really add value to a home?

Key benefits to consider

Having an effective solar panel battery system is not only good for you now, it also adds potential value to your home in the future. Should you decide to leave your solar battery and panels in place when you sell your home, there are a number of key elements that could make them an attractive prospect to many potential home buyers.

Control over energy bills

The first major reason that the value of your home could increase due to the installation of a solar battery is in taking charge of a home’s energy bills. Over the last few years, energy bills have continued to rise, and there is no sign that this is going to slow down or reverse any time soon. From day one of a solar panel battery system is installed, you will begin to see up to 50% reduction in energy bills. This aspect of solar batteries is obviously very enticing to prospective buyers when it comes time to sell your home.

A glowing energy report

Solar panel installation can also help increase property value by helping to raise the grade of the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) linked to it. Every single house in the UK has to have a valid EPC, with grades ranging from highest (A) to lowest (G). Solar panel battery system installation can improve an EPC rating by as much as two grades, which in turn can add real monetary value to a property.

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How much energy does a solar panel battery system generate?

System size

Generation depends on many different factors, such as the number of solar panels you have installed at your property, the orientation of the panels and the number of daylight hours in your location. In general terms though, a 3kWp or 4kWp solar panel system will be able to produce enough electricity to help meet a considerable portion of the energy needs of a family home. For a smaller home, a 2kWp is much more suitable. However, the battery size also depends on the consumption patterns, because if you’re at home all day using the sun’s energy, even with a bigger system you may benefit more from smaller size battery, as you may not have a lot of spare solar.

Real-life numbers

Take a look at real-life appliance-based comparisons of our larger 4kWp solar and 4.8kWh battery systems. The following breakdown outlines the average level of solar energy you will generate over the course of a year. It will be enough solar energy to:

  • Enjoy 97,143 hours of power for a fridge, or
  • Continuously boil a kettle for 1,880 hours, or
  • Use the oven for 1,417 straight hours, or
  • Use the washing machine for 4,857 hours

Average Household Energy UsageIdentify your own solar energy needs

In terms of exactly how much solar energy you will need, every home is different, which is why we invite you to discuss your specific energy requirements with our expert team. We’ll work out the best type and number of solar panels to suit your home, alongside the right Moixa Smart Battery, allowing you to charge the solar battery during the day and continue using solar energy during the night, maximising your cost savings for many years to come.

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Moixa is a leading British technology company, making solar technology smarter in order to help our clients to save up to 50% on their energy bills.

Founded in 2006, we have been developing intelligent battery products since day one. We have always focused on making energy more intelligent and efficient for homes, supporting the move away from fossil fuels by optimising the way people generate, distribute and consume renewable energy.

Our focus is always on value for the end user, and we believe a sustainable future is one that brings benefits to all involved. Through our solar battery and solar panel bundles, we have helped thousands of households to save money. Our systems allow you to store solar power and/or cheap-tariff electricity, ready to use at a time that suits your home’s energy needs and maximises your savings.

Today, with more than 45 employees, and offices in London and Manchester, we are ready to help provide ideal renewable energy solutions to clients around the UK. Each and every home solar project we take on is marked by our core values of Innovation, Collaboration, Integrity, Quality and Passion.

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are always happy to speak to individuals and families about finding just the right solar battery system to meet their home’s energy profile, ensuring you get lasting value that will carry many years into the future.

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