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Solar Battery

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  • Save up to £600 per year on your energy bills*

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your home by around 1.2 tonnes of CO2 per year*

  • Quick and easy install. It'll be up and running in a day

  • 25-year warranty on solar panels, 10-year on Smart Battery (extendable for as long as you're a GridShare** member)

  • Immediately available in 2 kWh & 3 kWh

  • 4.8 kWh model available for pre-order

  • Over 1,000 Moixa Smart Battery clients in the UK

  • Your personalised Moixa Dashboard lets you see the real-time energy generation and usage of your home

  • British invented, with client support team based in the UK

  • Flexible payment options available

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*based on an average 3.5kw system in Brighton, south facing, 40-degree pitched roof, with no shade and using national grid PLC statistics on energy power plant carbon intensity. A combination of solar savings, Feed-In Tariff, GridShare cashback payments. 

** Gridshare is Moixa’s unique cashback scheme that pays you a guaranteed £50 per year, if you make spare energy available for trading at peak times.


Why Generate Your Own Electricity?

Significantly reduce your energy bills

Our solar panel and battery package can save you up to 60% on your electricity bills. The Moixa Battery charges during the day from the sun - and overnight when grid electricity is cheap, for example if you have a time of use tariff.

Lower your carbon footprint

Solar power is a green, clean, renewable source of energy that doesn’t produce greenhouse gases and reduces our dependence on harmful fossil fuels.

Walk away from price hikes

With energy prices expected to rise by as much at 7% next year, fix your electricity bills for the next 25+years by investing in solar panels and battery.

Increase your property’s value

As a general rule, solar panels make properties more attractive to buyers and, as such, can increase the value of your home if you ever come to sell. Ask us about our flexible payment options to reduce initial costs!

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Solar Battery Storage - Moixa Smart Solar Batteries for Solar Storage

Many individuals and families around the UK are switching onto the possibilities presented by the new range of solar battery storage options available for homes. Whether you are a first-time buyer, new parents, looking towards retirement or in any other homeowner situation, there are a range of economic and environmental benefits on offer from solar energy battery storage.

Here at Moixa, we help homeowners across the UK to explore how they can enjoy the various benefits of using solar energy to power their home both day – and importantly – at night, through the highly effective capabilities of our range of solar battery UK choices.


What is Solar Battery storage?

While many people have been familiar with simple everyday uses of solar power for a long time, whether in their watch, their garden lights or a variety of other gadgets, most people are less familiar with the potential to store solar energy and use it to power your home. In recent years, an increasing number of areas have begun to see widespread use of solar panels, powering homes during daylight hours. This is great, but solar battery storage advances this benefit much furthers.

The big difference between simply having solar panels on the roof of your home, and having solar panels battery storage potential, comes (as the name suggests) in being able to store that energy to use at a later point rather than there and then. It is this ability to store solar energy for when you need it – or even sell it back to the Grid through current Feed-In Tariff and potential future GridShare provisions – that really sets solar energy battery storage apart.

There are a range of key features to consider with regards to Moixa’s solar battery UK services, including:

  • our solar batteries can be added to existing solar panels
  • your unused solar energy can be stored for use in the evening
  • your energy bills will be lowered considerably (more in the ‘is solar battery storage worth it?’ section)
  • the battery is a small single unit (50 x 30 x 20cm) that can fit under the stairs or in a garage


How does solar battery storage work?

As previously mentioned, possibly the biggest advantage of solar energy battery storage is found in its ability to take the energy generated by solar panels during the day and store it to power your home in the evening and through the night. This is a revolutionary step forward, with Moixa’s Smart Batteries leading the way in terms of UK suppliers. This is a huge benefit for a variety of homeowners looking to lower their bills, add value to their home and/or make their home more environmentally conscious, but how does it actually work?

  • Solar energy is taken in by your solar panels, as with any home utilising solar power. The difference with added solar battery storage is that any excess energy your home is not currently using goes into charging your Moixa Smart Battery, ready to provide free energy overnight.
  • Using your Moixa Dashboard, you can gain access to a range of live data on your current energy consumption and savings, allowing you to optimise your energy usage and make the most possible savings.
  • Choosing between a 2 kWp, 3 kWp and 4 kWp system impacts the amount of energy you generate and store, but as an estimate, you’ll take in solar energy equivalent to between 42 and 83 kettle boils per day. We can advise which system would be most effective for your home.

For more details on exactly how the solar energy battery storage system would work for your home, you’re welcome to get in touch with our expert team to discuss your exact solar energy profile. We’ll explain the “SMART” element of our solar energy service. Using machine learning, it utilises inputs from the weather and your energy usage patterns to create an optimal plan for your battery. This solves a major problem for any consumer – independence from the grid – leaving you less dependent on price jumps and more efficient in your energy usage.


How much does Solar Battery storage cost?

We understand that this factor is a key concern for many homeowners as they weight up the initial outlay against the future economic and environmental benefits. While it is difficult to give an exact estimate on the cost for your home, which would depend on factors such as which kWp system suited you best and whether or not you already have existing solar panels, we are confident that with current savings between £425 and £680 for the average home, the initial cost will prove to be a sound investment.

While you may see Solar Battery UK quotes ranging from £2,000 to £10,000, the best way to get a specific idea on the exact costing for your home is to visit our Receive a Quote page and enter a few simple details about your home to get a more definitive estimate. Standard figures include just under £3,000 for a 2 kWh solar battery to go with existing solar panels, just under £5,000 for our smallest solar panel 2 kWp system with Smart Battery, while for 14 solar panels with 3 kWh battery – our most popular option – it costs around £9,000.

Whichever option you were to choose – we now have 2 kWh, 3 kWh and 4.8 kWh Smart Battery options – all prices are inclusive of VAT & installation. We guarantee that with Moixa, as the leading Solar Battery storage provider in the UK, you get expert installation, lasting quality and guaranteed savings. The range of savings are mentioned in more detail on our Savings Comparison page, with annual savings ranging from £425 to in the region of £680 depending on your system, a clear indication of the benefits on offer from your initial investment.


Is Solar Battery storage worth it?

Having covered functionality, and the predicted costs of adding solar battery storage to your home, the big question to weigh up is whether it is worth it for you. We’re confident many different types of homeowners will decide that it is, given its potential to provide benefits such as:

  • 10-year warranty on any battery (extended warranty for as long as you’re a GridShare member)
  • Generating power all year round
  • 20-year government-backed income
  • Savings of £425 to £680 a year between solar savings, feed-in tariff and GridShare cashback
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Save up to 60% of your existing energy bills from the first day of use
  • Add potential value to your home

We’ve seen many different homeowners find this range of benefits appealing enough to make use of solar energy battery storage in their homes. Having installed over 1,000 Moixa Smart Batteries in homes around the UK, we have seen our clients make a collective saving of over half a million pounds, not to mention a vital contribution to the environment and adding value to their properties.

We hope that you have found this guide to be a useful introduction to the value of solar battery storage for you and family home. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions in more detail, with our friendly team of solar battery UK experts available by phone, email or web form over on our Contact page.