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Moixa appointed by National Energy Action

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In 2016, Moixa was appointed by National Energy Action and three London boroughs to help develop an innovative solution to alleviate fuel poverty.

Moixa Smart Batteries were retrofitted to homes with solar panels to unlock the full potential of solar power and help deliver meaningful cost savings to tenants.

The GridShare platform is also being utilised to manage the Moixa Battery cluster and provide visibility to Local Authority partners.


  • Up to £300 per year in electricity savings
  • 40% increase in solar consumption for tenants
  • Monthly performance statements tracking Moixa Smart Battery advantages


‘This is an innovative pilot project to support 41 households across three boroughs in or at risk of fuel poverty to reduce their electricity bills.’ Marie Modeste, Energy and Environmental officer, Waltham Forest council

‘Moixa Smart Batteries have helped our tenants get more value from their solar panels. For tenants who work during the day the battery is the best way to get the solar generation benefits to the tenant.’ – Angela Murphy, Camden Council Energy Officer


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