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GridShare software technology is at the heart of what we do, whether you are a business or an individual.

Predictions and Smart Charging

GridShare identifies a home’s energy generation, consumption patterns, weather forecasts and available flexible tariffs. Based on all the data points, GridShare generates a personalised charging and energy plan for each customer.

Storage Asset Management

Analytical tools help group asset owners understand the behaviour of their fleet and its interaction with the grid. It also provides a platform for grouping storage systems and offers a live view of device data to support a variety of grid services.

Flexibility Services

GridShare acts like a virtual power plant (VPP), helping the grid maintain a stable frequency to avoid blackouts and relieve stress by absorbing excess generation from renewable energy. Our technology enables businesses to respond to local constraints, including substation feeding areas and EV charger infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly upgrades.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Users with batteries managed by GridShare benefit from personalised dashboards, showing real-time performance data to drive more efficient energy usage.

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How can GridShare work for your business?

We partner with energy providers, grid operators, governments and landlords, providing them with the tools to manage energy flows and maximise their investment. We also provide responsive aggregation services, grouping storage devices to the grid to help accommodate peaks in energy demand or supply, and generate revenue.

EVM Icon Electric Vehicle Management

GridShare technology maximises the potential of electric vehicles for drivers, charging providers and the grid.

The number of electric vehicles on the roads is increasing, and the grid is at risk of severe stress. Through GridShare, Moixa is pioneering Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) technology - key for the future of EVs.

GridShare enables drivers to stay in control by ensuring their vehicles are charged at the optimum time for their energy bills. It allows charging-device companies to create an enhanced user experience, access analytics about charge-point usage, and drive intelligent decision-making.

In the future, GridShare will allow powerful EV batteries to function as energy storage points for the grid, so vehicles can be charged when there is excess solar or wind, and give power back to the grid when it’s not needed – opening up further revenue streams.

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Utilites and Networks Icon Utilities and Networks

GridShare uses real-time data on generation, consumption and storage to deliver visible value to their customers and manage grid constraints.

Utilities and DNOs are increasingly challenged by the unpredictability of renewable energy, which poses new difficulties for infrastructure and constraint management.

Moixa provides an innovative, cost-effective solution to allow utilities to manage energy-storage assets. Live and historic efficiency data helps to drive commercial insights and incentivise smart-tariff uptake.

Our machine learning algorithms allows networks to predict or react to grid constraints, in addition to enabling flexible energy trading in future.

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Property Management Icon Property Management

For developers, landlords and local authorities, GridShare can maximise renewable energy investments.

With ambitious targets to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions, the housing sector needs ways to unlock the potential of renewable energy. GridShare, with the Moixa Smart Battery, offers solutions to a number of these challenges.

Developers in outlying areas can use Moixa hardware and GridShare software to help reduce network-upgrade costs. They can also offer solar-plus-battery systems to off-plan buyers.

GridShare allows local authorities and landlords to manage energy use across groups of properties. In the future, localised groups of Moixa Smart Batteries can provide income streams from grid services. Households benefit from their own personalised dashboards, giving them access to real-time efficiency data and savings.

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Battery Manufacturers Icon Battery Manufacturers

Third party products can be integrated with GridShare to provide asset management, intelligent analytics and an improved customer experience.

Existing energy-storage hardware can be enhanced by GridShare’s localisation services, AI technology and management tools to generate value for all stakeholders.

Through the Dashboard, end users benefit from access to their real-time energy usage information.

Hardware manufacturers are able to view data across their fleet of devices to empower them to manage their batteries based on analytics.

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Homeowners Icon Homeowners

GridShare intelligently manages batteries to enable homeowners to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by living more energy-efficiently.

Our technology optimises the value homeowners get from their energy-storage devices. It identifies a home’s energy generation and consumption pattern, weather activity and available flexible tariffs. GridShare interprets this data and generates a personalised charging plan for the battery which is optimised to save money for the household. Everything they need to start saving is at their fingertips through the Moixa Dashboard. In the future, GridShare will also allow households to take advantage of the evolving energy market by trading electricity with the grid.

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