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We believe that by raising the IQ of batteries the world can live in a renewable future. We are committed to supporting the move away from fossil fuels by optimising the way people generate, distribute and consume renewable energy. Our focus is always on value for the end user, and we believe a sustainable future is one that brings benefits to all involved.

Simon Daniel and Chris Wright founded Moixa in 2006 and have been developing intelligent battery products since day one. First was the USBCell: a convenient and popular USB-rechargeable AA that won numerous awards. We have always focused on making energy more intelligent and efficient for homes.

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Today Moixa has 45 employees and counting, with offices in London and Manchester. We are an open, welcoming and collaborative company that lives by our values:

  • Innovation

    We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and we are committed to creating innovative product design and business models.

  • Collaboration

    We foster a culture of collaboration, within Moixa and the energy industry, that enables us to lead the development of renewable energy management.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is at the core of our character. We expect our team and partners to always do the right thing and treat everyone with respect, humility and honesty.

  • Quality

    Professionalism and quality are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to deliver the best experience to customers and partners.

  • Passion

    A shared passion for our vision is what unites us. We empower our team to confront the challenges that lie between us and a future powered by renewables.

Leadership team

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David Thomlinson


David is the former Global Chief Executive of Global Resources at Accenture, with over 28 years’ experience advising clients in energy and resources worldwide; and also the former Chief Global Strategy and Operations Officer and UK MD. He previously spent eight years with Ove Arup, where he is currently a board advisor. He is a fellow and member of the Development Advisory board for the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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Simon Daniel


Simon has 25 years’ experience in technology and business innovation. He leads Moixa’s overall strategy and market relations across government, industry and investors. He is a serial inventor, with numerous patents in energy and mobile devices. Prior to founding Moixa he spent eight years in Accenture’s Technology practice and worked in research at IBM. He holds an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and is a member of the BEIS/Ofgem Smart Systems Forum.

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Chris Wright

Chief Technology Officer

Chris co-founded Moixa and leads hardware and software development. He holds numerous patents and has pioneered innovations across energy tech. Since 2010, Chris has been leading energy R&D projects, developing smart battery systems, sensors, software controls and platforms. Chris leads Moixa’s market activity in Japan for multiple partners including ITOCHU. Prior to Moixa, Chris specialised in industrial design. He holds an MA in Architecture from Cambridge University.

Dudley Moor-Radford Thumbnail

Dudley Moor-Radford

Sales and Marketing Director

Dudley joined Moixa in 2016 and is responsible for marketing and sales. He began his career with Cable and Wireless, followed by five years as ITV Marketing Director until he co-founded Easyart, which became Europe’s largest online art store. In 2010, he joined the founding team at Homesun as Operations Director, until moving to Lightsource in 2014 where he became Director of Domestic Solar.

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Ed Franklin

Business Services Director

Ed joined Moixa in 2007 from lawyers Squire Patton Boggs. He leads on Finance, HR and Legal and plays a key role in investment and commercial relationships, including complex multi-party R&D initiatives. Ed was Managing Director of Moixa’s USBCell consumer-battery business between 2007 and 2009. Ed holds an MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School.

Ed Gunn Thumbnail

Ed Gunn

Operations Director

Ed has over 10 years’ experience in commercial and operational roles across consumer and media technology businesses. Previously working for venture funds and in M&A advisory, Ed launched software and telecoms companies in the UK, Asia and Africa. He runs asset, customer and client operations at Moixa. Ed holds an MA in Geography from Cambridge University.

Moixa Awards and Memberships

2019 Global Cleantech 100 Company
Clean Energy Awards 2018
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We are always looking for great talent to join our team. View our careers page for our latest opportunities.

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