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Moixa's pioneering smart energy-management software helps renewable energy work intelligently for individuals and businesses.

GridShare facilitates and interprets complex interactions between energy-storage devices and the grid, enabling data-based decision making and ensuring value is created throughout the supply chain.

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  • Optimises local demand and consumption of renewable energy through smart management of batteries in homes

  • Alleviates energy demand on the grid and clears the way for innovative energy tariffs through Vehicle to Grid technology

  • Enables utility companies to manage energy-storage assets effectively, based on advanced analytical data

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Our Partners

Moixa Smart Battery

Save and earn by storing renewable energy with a Moixa Smart Battery. Install a Solar and Battery system, or add to your existing solar panels.

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  • Reduce energy bills along with your carbon footprint

  • Capture the sun’s energy and save it for when you need it

  • Track your energy generation and usage to get tailored insights into further savings

Moixa Customer Stories

More and more homes and businesses are discovering the benefits of the Moixa Smart Battery and GridShare software. Our partners range from global energy companies, to grid operators and homeowners, who all have a critical role to play in the future of energy.

Read more about how Moixa technology works in the real world.

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