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Getting Started

Registering on Moixa servers

To be able to access live data from your Maslow unit you need to set up an account on our server. You can do this by following these instructions:

1. Proceed to the following web address and follow the instructions:

2. Raise a support ticket by sending an email to with the subject registration and include in the body of the email (1) the serial number of your unit which can be found on a label fixed to the side and/or front of the unit and begins “b827eb” and (2) the email address used to register on the Moixa server.

Once this has been done your unit will be assigned to you by our support staff. You will receive a response via email when the assignment has been completed.

3. Log in at the following address and you will be presented with live data as reported by your Maslow to our servers:


Until your Maslow has been assigned to your account by our support staff whenever you log in you will receive a “no associated device” error message. It can take up to 48 hours for the unit to be assigned after submission of the support ticket.

Further help

To raise a support ticket send an email with subject “server registration: ” to our support address:

Download instructions here

Configuring wi-fi settings

Before a Maslow can communicate with the Moixa servers connectivity to the Internet must be established. For a Maslow equipped with wi-fi this is done using a set-up mode called Access Point (AP) mode when the Maslow creates its own wi-fi network. Any wi-fi enabled device with a web browser (e.g. laptop, smartphone) can then be used to connect to the Maslow and configure the wi-fi settings of network name (also called the SSID) and password.

Using a device with wi-fi capability look for the unit announcing itself as a wi-fi network. The SSID will be broadcast as maslow-b827eb?????? where b827eb?????? is the unit’s serial number. If you see the unit then skip to Step 3.

If you cannot see the unit then it is not in AP mode. To set it into AP mode do the following:

a. Using a blunt tool such as a thin screwdriver press the switch marked BYPASS. The unit will go into bypass mode as indicated by a scrolling pattern on the battery lights.

b. Press the MODE switch for one second.

c. Disengage bypass mode by pressing the BYPASS switch again. The battery lights will return to their normal display pattern.

d. Return to Step 1.

3. Select the Maslow wi-fi network from your wi-fi network chooser. When prompted for a password enter “MaslowPass”.

4. Once your device has connected to the Maslow open a web browser and navigate to the following page:

5. In the page that is displayed enter the SSID (name) and password of the wi-fi network that you wish the Maslow to connect to then click Enter. A confirmatory message will be displayed and your device will be disconnected from the Maslow.

6. If possible, check that the Maslow has successfully registered onto the wi-fi network. Many routers will display a list of connected devices on their admin page.

7. The green light above the fan symbol will light solid when the Maslow has connectivity. This can take several minutes.


If you are unable to set the Maslow into AP mode please reboot your unit and then wait five minutes before trying again. If the unit will still not enter AP mode please raise a support ticket by sending an email to our support address shown at the bottom of this article.

If you have set the SSID and password and received the confirmatory message but your Maslow has not connected to your network after five minutes then please repeat the procedure from Step 1 as it is possible that the SSID and/or password have been entered incorrectly. Try using the smartphone or laptop to connect to the network to check that the SSID and password are correct.

Further help

To raise a support ticket send an email with subject “wi-fi configuration: & ;your name or unit serial number” to our support address:

Maslow customer support Service Level Agreement

We are proud of our technology and aim to support our valued customers to get the best from their Maslow units. As our commitment to our customers we have adopted the following service levels for tickets raised via our support portal:

Urgent – response within 24 hours and resolution within 3 working days

High – response within 72 hours and resolution within 7 calendar days

Medium – response within 72 hours and resolution within 14 calendar days

Low – response within 72 hours and resolution within 28 calendar days

Tickets are given an appropriate priority as follows:

Urgent – loss of essential service such as DC lighting


High – loss of non-essential service such as energy time shifting


Medium – provision of service but issue present such as loss of communications


Low – non-service affecting issue or other query


Our support staff are available during business hours, that is 0900-1700 Monday-Friday excluding public holidays.


General FAQs

Warranty Terms and Conditions (the ‘Manufacturer’s Warranty’)

Moixa Technology Ltd (‘Moixa’) has developed a reliable energy storage product (the ‘Product’), designed to withstand normal operating conditions, which is supplied with a warranty against material or manufacturing faults for the duration of the warranty period (the ‘Warranty Period’), subject to the following terms and conditions:a)  This Manufacturer’s Warranty applies to Products

a) purchased and installed in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands (separate warranty conditions apply outside these territories).

b)  The Product must be purchased by the Customer (not part of a pilot scheme) and installed after 1 July 2016 to be covered by this Manufacturer’s Warranty.

c)  The Product must be correctly installed by a certified Maslow Accredited Installer.

d)  The Product must be used at all times in accordance with the Maslow User Manual provided with the Product and also available at

e)  The Product contains a battery supplied by a third party which is covered under this Manufacturer’s Warranty, specifically that the battery retains 80% Depth of Discharge of its initially rated capacity for the Warranty Period, provided that the accumulated discharge of energy should not be more than 300 times the initially rated capacity in any 12 month period.

f)  The Product must only be used in a domestic or light commercial environment, (light commercial is defined as a semi domestic/commercial environment, including a home office).

g)  The Product must be registered via the internet at within 30 days of installation.

h)  The Warranty Period will commence from the date of installation, unless the installation is made more than six months from the date on which the Product was dispatched by Moixa to the Maslow Accredited Installer, in which case the Warranty Period will commence six months from the date of manufacture as confirmed by the Product’s serial number.

i)  The Warranty Period of the Product is 5 Years, extensions may be available under managed service agreements and warranty renewals shall be offered to the Customer, subject to applicable terms and conditions.

j)  Once installed, the Product must not be moved from its installed position unless Moixa has provided written authorisation to do so.

k)  During the Warranty Period any product or component which is proved to be faulty or defective in manufacture, will be repaired off-site or replaced free of material and labour charges, provided that Moixa has provided written authorisation for the repair or replacement to be carried out and has approved the total cost of the work.

l)  Moixa does not accept or reimburse the costs of any unauthorised third party that undertakes work on the Product or fits parts (including engineer call-out charges), unless Moixa has approved such work and the associated cost in advance.

m)  The Customer must follow the procedure set out in the Maslow User Manual for reporting faults, which includes technical support via telephone and the booking of a service visit as a last resort.

n) A fee shall apply for service visits, which shall be reimbursed to the Customer if the fault falls within the scope of the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

o) The Warranty Period will not be extended after any repair or replacement of the Product or part of the Product.

p) During the Warranty Period, the Manufacturer’s Warranty is transferrable to a different owner provided that the Product remains in the originally installed location and Moixa is notified of the change of owner in writing.

q) Any claim made under the terms and conditions of this Manufacturer’s Warranty must be made within the Warranty Period.

r) The Manufacturer’s Warranty does not apply to:

  1. any other installation carried out at the same time as

    the installation of the Product including the installation

    of solar panels and external wiring;

  2. damage caused by faulty installation, theft, tampering,

    neglect, misuse, accident, fire, flood, explosion, lightning, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions;

  3. damage caused by the non-observance of the Maslow User Manual; and
  4. any unauthorised adjustments made to the Product by a third party and any self-maintenance tasks carried out by the user not authorised by Moixa.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty given by Moixa and where permitted by law, is made expressly in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including without limitation, warranties of title, quality, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement or warranties as to the accuracy, sufficiency or suitability of any technical or other information provided in manuals or other documentation. In no event will Moixa be liable for any special, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, losses, costs or expenses however arising, whether in contract or tort, including without limitation any economic losses of any kind, any loss or damage to property, or any personal injury.

Telephoning Moixa
Moixa provides a technical support helpline: 0207 734 1511 (open 9.30am–6pm Mon-Fri). Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Data Protection
Customer details will be held and used by Moixa to administer the Manufacturer’s Warranty and to conduct repairs. Moixa may disclose a Customer’s information to its service providers and agents for these purposes. Moixa may also use a Customer’s data for training and testing purposes.

If a Customer has given Moixa permission, the Customer’s data may be used by Moixa or third parties for other marketing purposes. Moixa and the third parties (if applicable) may contact the Customer by post, telephone or email (the Customer may opt out via

Port Direction Type Destination
22 outgoing TCP
80 outgoing TCP
11111 outgoing TCP

The USB socket on the front panel is for use by Maslow service personnel only. Do not connect any unauthorised USB device to this port as you may render your Maslow inoperable.

On some Maslow units a button labelled AMB is fitted. This button is not used and has no function.

If the MAINS light is flashing the Maslow is not receiving power via its AC mains connection.

See the Knowledge Base article No mains power for further assistance.

Maslow is equipped with a Grid Code-compliant DC-to-AC inverter that is connected to the house AC mains via appropriate protection devices. This inverter will convert all the DC power supplied to it into AC power up to a maximum of 430W continuous power. Because the DC power source is a battery rather than a solar panel the DC power is both continuous and steady throughout the discharge period, and the battery is capable of providing the full power demanded by the inverter. For this reason the export of AC power is a continuous 430W throughout the export period and does not vary as would be seen with, for example, a solar panel. An internal mechanism ends the export once the battery state-of-charge falls to a pre-set value.

On Maslow units that also support a DC network the export inverter will not switch on if the combined power requirements of the DC network and the inverter would exceed the internal maximum power safety rating. This situation is constantly monitored during the period in which the Maslow is due to export and the inverter is switched ON if the DC network consumption falls sufficiently. It will be switched OFF if the DC network current should once more increase such that the combined power once more exceeds the safety threshold. In this circumstance a delay is added to prevent the inverter continually cycling on and off.

The charging and discharging of the Maslow battery is controlled by a timed plan set on the unit remotely by Moixa. The plan is chosen to reflect the optimal operation of the unit according to the type of installation and is set when the unit is commissioned. For example, where there are solar panels installed the unit is typically set to charge between 10am and 3:30pm when the panels are expected to be producing power.

The only exception to this is on a Monday morning when the unit automatically charges the battery, starting at midnight, to its maximum capacity. This is done both to calibrate the battery and to maximise its life. Once this calibration charge is complete the unit returns to following the plan.

It may seem odd that Maslow is charging from the mains during the day however this is perfectly correct operation for systems installed in houses with mains-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

One of the advantages of Maslow is that it can be installed alongside a new or existing installation of solar PV panels without requiring the solar PV inverter to be changed. Maslow is connected to the domestic mains wiring system and only charges the battery when there is surplus energy available from the PV panels – energy that would otherwise flow from the house to the Grid because there is insufficient consumption in the house to use it all. The energy is in effect diverted from the Grid to Maslow’s battery, to be stored for later consumption within the house. So, even though Maslow is charging from the mains it is only using energy exported from the PV inverter and not imported from the Grid.

This does not affect FIT payments as the energy has already flowed through the generation meter before it reaches Maslow’s battery. Nor does this affect export payments as (currently) these are paid based on the generation meter readings.

Once commissioned the Maslow unit is designed to operate continuously. However should it be necessary to turn off the Maslow it is important that the Maslow is shutdown correctly. Failure to follow this procedure may render the Maslow inoperable.

To turn OFF (i.e. shutdown) the Maslow do the following:

1. Press the MODE button for 10-15 seconds until you hear a double beep.

2. Wait for about 30 seconds until you hear a repeated single beep. The Maslow may now be safely turned OFF using the toggle switch marked ON/OFF on the control panel.



How to re-connect the unit to the internet if you are using a wireless router.

N.B. Please connect to the 2.4GHz WiFi network if this is available, over a 5GHz network – most modern routers have both options – 2.4GHz has a longer range, a stronger, more reliable signal that will provide a better connection for your Maslow.

Maslow is not receiving AC mains power

If the yellow MAINS light (indicated by the lightning bolt icon) is flashing it means that the Maslow unit is not receiving mains power.

In the first instance check that your home is receiving mains power by switching ON an AC load (i.e. a load plugged into the mains power and not powered via the Maslow’s DC network). If there is no mains power then the Maslow will run from battery until the battery state of charge falls to 20% whereupon the Maslow will disconnect the DC network to conserve power. If after a further six hours the mains power has still not returned turn OFF the Maslow (see the Knowledge Base article How do I turn off my Maslow?) until the power returns.

If there is mains power check the switch in the Fused Connection Unit (FCU) to which the Maslow is connected is set to ON. Your Maslow should have been installed using a FCU with a built-in mains indicator light which should be glowing.

If the FCU switch is ON but the built-in mains indicator light is not glowing – or there is no built-in mains indicator light – it is possible that either the fuse in the FCU has blown or that the relevant Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) in the Consumer Unit (also known as Fuse Box) has tripped OFF.

Check that the MCB supplying the Maslow is set to ON. If it is OFF then it is possible that a fault has caused it to trip. Try switching it ON again and if it trips contact Maslow Customer Support (see Further help below). Leave the MCB switched OFF.

Check also that the fuse in the FCU supplying the Maslow is good. This can be done either by replacing it with a known good fuse of exactly the same type and rating, checking continuity using a resistance meter or temporarily placing it in the plug of another appliance that is known to be working. If it is faulty it is possible that a fault has caused it to blow. Try replacing it and if it blows again immediately switch OFF the Maslow by operating the FCU switch into the OFF position and contact Maslow Customer Support (see Further help below). Leave the FCU switched OFF.

If the FCU switch is ON and the built-in mains indicator light is glowing it is possible that your Maslow has developed a fault. Turn OFF the Maslow (see the FAQ article How do I turn off my Maslow?) and contact Maslow Customer Support (see Further help below).

Further help

To raise a support ticket send an email with subject “no mains power: ” to our support address:

Using BYPASS mode

The Maslow unit has been designed to offer reliable service for many years with all maintenance activities such as software updates accomplished remotely from Moixa’s servers. In the unlikely event that you experience trouble with your Maslow that results in an interruption of service that you are unable to solve with reference to the User Guide or this knowledge base it is possible to temporarily place your Maslow into a special BYPASS mode whilst waiting for further help from Moixa. In some cases you may be advised to do this by Moixa helpdesk staff.

In BYPASS the battery is disconnected and the output from the Maslow internal power supply is connected to the Maslow DC output. The internal microprocessor control is bypassed and the Maslow will no longer follow any charge plans.

Note: The following procedures involve operation of the BYPASS switch. Be careful when activating the BYPASS switch to ensure that the tool used correctly engages with the switch and that not too much force is used as it is possible to easily damage the switch if these precautions are not observed.

To engage BYPASS mode:

1. Ensure the Maslow is in normal operation. This is indicated by the control panel battery charge state indicator showing a static display of the current battery charge.

2. Using a blunt tool press the button marked BYPASS. The button is recessed and shrouded to prevent accidental activation. A click will be heard and felt when the button is activated and the tool can then be removed from the shroud. Activation of BYPASS is indicated by a scrolling pattern on the control panel battery charge state indicator.

3. If not already done please raise a ticket with the Maslow helpdesk explaining the problem you are experiencing with your Maslow unit and why you have engaged BYPASS mode.

To disengage BYPASS mode:

1. Ensure the Maslow is in BYPASS mode. This is indicated by a scrolling pattern on the control panel battery charge state indicator.

2. Using a blunt tool press the button marked BYPASS. The button is recessed and shrouded to prevent accidental activation. A click will be heard and felt when the button is activated and the tool can then be removed from the shroud. Exit from BYPASS is indicated by the scrolling pattern on the control panel battery charge state indicator being replaced with a static display of the current battery charge.


The BYPASS switch is a latching switch that toggles between on and off with each press. To change mode ensure it is pressed only once.

In some circumstances the DC network will not be re-energised when exiting BYPASS mode (e.g. if the mains is restored whilst the unit is in BYPASS). To re-energise the DC network press the MODE switch.

If you are unable to engage or disengage BYPASS mode please contact the Maslow helpdesk for further assistance by sending an email to our support address shown at the bottom of this article.

Further help

To raise a support ticket send an email with subject “bypass mode: ” to our support address:



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