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What is GridShare?

GridShare is the software that puts the ‘smart’ in every Moixa Smart Battery. GridShare identifies a home’s energy generation and consumption patterns, looks at weather forecasts and reviews the home’s energy tariff.

Then, based on all the data points, GridShare generates a personalised battery charging plan for your household’s needs.

With GridShare, there is also the option to unlock your battery to provide energy services to support the grid and enable a new era of sustainable energy in the UK. Every Moixa Smart Battery owner has the option to take part in this and we call it GridShare Membership.

What is GridShare Membership?

When battery owners sign up to GridShare Membership it allows Moixa to effectively group these batteries together and create a Virtual Power Plant, often referred to as a VPP. This enables Moixa to support the UK energy network by sharing the energy stored in your battery or utilising the available capacity in your battery.

What does this mean?

At times when the grid is under pressure, for example when there is high or low demand for energy, Moixa can use our GridShare Members’ batteries to provide support for the grid, this is often called ‘grid services’. The batteries can either support the grid by:

Charging up

When there is low demand for energy across the network and a surplus of renewable energy being loaded onto the grid.

For example, on a windy, sunny day when fewer people are using electricity and where the wind turbines and solar power are generating lots of clean energy.

  • All the clean energy being produced needs to either be consumed or stored, otherwise the grid could become overloaded, resulting in potential blackouts.
  • Before smart batteries, the only solution to avoid this would have been to switch off the wind turbines or limit the amount of solar that could be loaded onto the grid. This meant that the UK grid would miss out on lots of potential clean energy and continue to be dependent on traditional energy sources such as gas and coal.
  • However, through GridShare, it is now possible for the grid to use our members’ batteries to store this surplus clean energy, allowing for it to be stored until it is needed rather than wasted.

Charging Down (Discharging)

When there is high demand for energy across the network but not enough energy being generated.

For example, on a still, rainy day in the evening when there is a low amount of renewable energy being generated but many people want to use electricity.

  • When there is high demand for energy, the grid needs to increase its supply.
  • Before smart batteries, the only way for the grid to meet our high energy demands was to rely on traditional energy sources, often by burning fossil fuels.
  • However, though GridShare, our members can provide a more sustainable option to take pressure off the grid, by discharging the solar energy already stored in their batteries to power their homes or sending their energy to the grid.

How does it work?

It is still very early days for the grid to request this type of support from devices in homes and is currently only done when there are specific contracts in place. However, as the UK energy system continues to evolve and modernise, additional contracts and mechanisms will enable the use of batteries from the GridShare Membership community.

There are currently only a limited number of contracts and agreements in place to support the grid in this way, along with several test areas, many of which Moixa are involved in.

Which batteries get used for GridShare Membership?

All batteries under GridShare Membership could be used by Moixa if called upon. Currently, only batteries within our contracted areas are used to support the UK energy network.

Within this pool of batteries, our GridShare software analyses the state of available batteries to optimally choose which devices will deliver the grid services based on how much energy or spare capacity they have available.

When will the batteries get used?

Depending on the type of grid services the batteries are supporting, there may or may not be agreed timescales about when the batteries will be used.
However, if we have a contract to provide grid services within certain time periods, the service may look something like this:

For example:

In area X, the local grid may be struggling to stay balanced between 7am – 8am, which is when the majority of people get up, get ready and make breakfast.

Therefore, the contract may ask us to have our members’ devices ready to power their homes with energy stored in their batteries, instead of drawing energy from the grid.

However, this could mean that your battery would be partly charged from cheap off-peak grid energy overnight, so you have enough energy to power your house in the morning and take the strain off the grid.

This is where the GridShare Membership benefits come in…

GridShare Membership Benefits

By joining our GridShare Membership you will be:

  • supporting the evolution of UK energy and building a smarter, sustainable future for all
  • maximising the use and uptake of renewable energy in the UK
  • reducing the number of grid upgrades needed in the UK, the costs of which are passed on to energy customers

In addition to the above, households who sign up to GridShare Membership receive £50 every year for the first three years of membership.

For households whose devices are used for grid services, Moixa measures and reports on the impact it makes to your usual battery behaviour and then provides reimbursement for any savings that have been lost.

This is calculated by running a simulation of how your Smart Battery would have behaved had it not participated in grid services and calculating any of your lost savings using an assumed tariff rate.

How long is GridShare Membership?

The energy market is constantly evolving and the market for grid services will continue to evolve. Therefore, our current GridShare Membership contract is for three years. After three years, depending on the energy market, there will be an updated version of GridShare Membership offered to you which best fits the market at that time.

If you choose not to re-sign up to GridShare Membership, your battery will no longer be used to support the grid and you will lose the additional benefits this brings.

Is my battery still ‘smart’ if I don’t sign up to GridShare Membership?

Yes. Our GridShare software is built into every Moixa Smart Battery product and this is what optimises the battery, to work the best way for your household. When you sign up to GridShare Membership, you unlock an additional element of GridShare which then also optimises your battery to support the UK energy network.

GridShare Membership, grid services and the evolution of the UK energy network can raise many questions. If you would like to learn more, call our team on 0161 883 2374 or email your questions to

If you are a current Moixa Smart Battery customer and you would like to join our GridShare Membership scheme, email our Customer Support Team at

Average savings

Check out the table below for more detailed information on average savings across different solar plus battery systems.

3300 kWh

Energy generated


Savings from solar and battery


GridShare reward


First year total benefit

4050 kWh

Energy generated


Savings from solar and battery


GridShare reward


First year total benefit

5500 kWh

Energy generated


Savings from solar and battery


GridShare reward


First year total benefit


True South facing roof in Brighton with a 40 degree roof pitch generating yield of up to 1100 kWh per kWp per annum. Home Consumes more than 3000 kWh from the grid. Electricity price per kWh is 15p. Assumed Energy Price Rise of 7% per annum. Assumes customer consumes 50% of their solar generation, not including energy fed into the battery. A full kettle boil of 1.5 pints uses 125 watts. All rounded to 0 decimal places.

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