Solar Panel and Battery Storage Bundle

Our solar panel and battery storage bundles can save you up to 60% on your energy bills.

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What We Do

We’ll fit a solar panel on your roof that will harness the sun’s energy and convert it into free electricity that can help power your home.

But that’s not all.

We’ll also install a Smart Battery that stores any energy you don’t use right away, so you can enjoy the benefits of free electricity when you need it – not just when the sun shines.

You can even make some money back each year by joining our GridShare scheme, which sells excess energy to the National Grid and pays you an annual share of the profits.


What’s the Cost of Installing Solar Panels and a Smart Battery?

Our solar panels with battery storage packages start from just £4,995*, including VAT.

This price is all-inclusive of everything you need to start making huge savings on your energy bills.

  • 2kWh Smart Battery
  • 2kWp, six-panel Solar PV system
  • PV inverter
  • Solar panel installation
  • Smart Battery installation

*Prices subject to a survey on house size, suitability and location. 6 x 280w Polycrystaline panels – 1.68 kWp.

Want to spread the cost? Moixa are authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to broker credit agreements. More details can be given upon arranging a home survey and quote (details of how to do this are just below).


Why Go Solar?

There are loads of benefits to installing solar panels on your home.

It reduces your energy bills – significantly

Our solar panel and battery storage packages can save you up to 60% on your energy bills, and since energy prices tend to rise, not fall, the savings you make should only increase over time.

Right now, the average home with solar panels and battery storage facilities can expect to save up to £600 a year in electricity costs, but with electricity prices predicted to grow 17% between now and 2020, these savings could increase significantly.

It’s great for the environment

Solar power is a green, clean, renewable source of energy that doesn’t produce greenhouse gases and reduces our dependence on harmful fossil fuels.

Solar panels increase property values

As a general rule solar panels make properties more attractive to buyers and as such, can increase the value of your home if you ever come to sell.


What Happens Next?

Our solar panel and battery storage packages start from just £4,995, including VAT. To find out more or arrange a home survey and quote just complete our contact form. Alternatively, you can phone us on 0207 734 1511 or email


Not Interested in Solar Panel and Battery Storage Packages?

Find out more about smart batteries (we supply and install them without solar panels, too) or learn how you can make money by selling electricity to the grid.