Smart Batteries


Our energy storage batteries are a type of Smart Battery that’s simple to install, compact, and will cut £100s off your electricity bills. With over 600 Smart Batteries installed in homes across the country we are the UK’s leading energy storage provider. 


How Smart Batteries Work

Moixa Smart Batteries help you take control of your energy usage by allowing you to store electricity at home for use later (you can even sell unused energy back to the grid). Not only can this save you hundreds of pounds on your electricity bills, but it helps protect you from price rises too.


Smart Batteries can store two types of energy


1. Solar Power Storage

Smart batteries (also known as solar storage batteries) can store energy generated by solar panels so you can power your home on your terms. This means no more waiting for the sun to shine before starting up appliances, and that energy generated during the day can be used to power your home at night.

Historically, unused energy generated by solar panels would be sold to energy companies, only for homeowners to buy it back (at a higher rate, of course) when the energy is actually needed. Batteries for solar panels bypass this process, so that the energy your solar panels produce remains in your home for you to use, regardless of when it’s needed.


2. Off-peak Tariff Energy Storage

Smart batteries don’t just store solar energy – depending on your tariff of your energy supplier, they can also store energy bought at off-peak times. This means you can buy your energy during certain times of the day when it’s cheaper, store it, and then use it when you like, instead of paying your energy supplier’s premium ‘peak-time’ rates. Our Sales and Customer Support Team will help you optimise your tariff during the install process.


What Happens Next?

Our Smart Batteries start from just £2,500 (excluding VAT and installation) and could save you hundreds of pounds a year whether you’re storing solar energy or ‘economy tariff’ energy. We can also supply and install solar panels and Smart batteries as a package.

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