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How Moixa GridShare Works

We trade excess power stored in Smart Batteries owned by partners in the GridShare scheme with the National Grid, and give our partners (that’s you) a share of the profits.

Better yet, we manage everything ourselves. Once you’re signed up to GridShare there’s nothing you need to do. We’ll sell the energy, we’ll collect payments, and once a year we’ll send you your share.


The Benefits of Selling Electricity

As well as generating income for you, our customers, selling electricity back to the grid helps the National Grid meet energy demands whilst reducing the burning of fossil fuels (so it’s great for the environment).


How Much Can I Earn Selling Electricity?

Depending on the type of battery you own you should be able to choose between a “Fixed Income” or “Profit Share” membership.

A Fixed Income membership earns you £50 a year, guaranteed; however this is only available to owners of Moixa-branded batteries.

A Profit Share membership will pay out 50% of the profits generated by your Smart Battery system. This is available to both owners of Moixa-branded batteries as well as batteries manufactured by one of our approved partners.

Earnings from both memberships will be paid annually.


What if I Don’t Have a Smart Battery?

Moixa can supply and install everything you need to benefit from home energy storage and the GridShare scheme.

Find about more about smart battery installation or our solar panel and battery storage packages.


Moixa’s GridShare scheme can earn you £50 or more a year, without you having to lift a finger (and you’ll still be saving hundreds on your electricity bills, too).

Whether your Smart Battery’s been supplied and installed by ourselves or another qualifying brand, you can top up your income by becoming part of the Moixa GridShare scheme.

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