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2 kWh 3 kWh
2 kWh. All in one pack, includes battery, inverter and smart electronics. 3 kWh. All in one pack includes battery, inverter and smart electronics
Battery 2 kWh LiFePO4 battery unit 3 kWh LiFePO4 battery unit
Power Inputs
  • Mains AC . Fused input (3A) between 85 – 263V AC / 120 – 373V DC.
  • PV panel inputs, standard MC4 PV connections, up to 15A, max PPT 35V rated panel
  • 1 x PSU input, rated at max 350W
Power Output
  • 3 x DC outputs,. 23-32V combined maximum 14A load
  • 1 x internal connector to micro-inverter, rated at 17A DC
  • 1 x AC output (micro-inverter version), rated at max 430W
Battery Storage
  • Replaceable battery module (service visit), 40Ah or 60 Ah per module.   Projected life > 10,000 full charge cycles, >80% DOD (battery factory backed warranty 7 years, projected life 20 years)
  • Batteries are rated at max 15A charge / discharge rate.  Fully charged at 28.8V, discharge terminated at 23V
Protection & Compliance
  • All connections between power sources are protected with logic controlled fault detection circuitry that disconnects all power when activated. Protection is for over current (>17A), over voltage (>36V), and under voltage (<20V) conditions.
    Earth fault protection is provided through comparator analysis in software, disconnects all power outputs when activated. All DC outputs are additionally protected with thermal fuses, typically rated at 8A, but matched on install to network
  • Designed to comply with FCC/EMC (EN301-489-1), ROHS, EN60950-1, Canada (ICES003) & Microinverter to G83/2.
  • 3-phase households not supported
  • Ethernet port
  • Wi-fi
  • Zigbee comms support for additional system components
  • LowPan/SigFox/RS on request
  • 5 Year base System Warranty (under terms & conditions): Extended warranty and battery replacement/upgrade service available (to 20 years performance).
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Patented and patents pending including (US201000076615, US8849471, GB2476213, US20140159584, GB2510804 (Distributed Smart Battery Systems))