Our Focus


Moixa is an energy innovation business with over a decade's experience of developing and launching award-winning smart technology. Everything we do in our labs is focused on our goal - to help customers and the energy system lower costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security.

Moixa is the UK's leading distributed energy storage business with proprietary hardware and software platforms, and a significant pool of intellectual property and patents. We see a growing need for distributed energy storage and demand for DC (Direct Current) powered devices.

The Internet of Things (consumer and household devices), together with Robotics and eMobility (Electric Vehicles, electric bicycles and elderly mobility) will add 50 billion devices to the web and energy system. We depend on such devices in our daily lives and during power outages. Most of these contain batteries that need to be charged and managed, and are often used at peak hours - when the energy system is constrained and expensive.

Many also waste energy through AC/DC adaptors, and do not effectively leverage local renewable supplies that are all sources of Direct Current such as batteries, Solar Panels ,CHP and Fuel Cells.

Moixa is leading the charge towards this DC Future and has an initial Master Plan to:

  • Develop and roll out smarter batteries for consumers and homes
  • Extend our Grid Share - Battery Aggregation Platform to manage increasing inventory of Moixa and third party batteries and vehicles
  • Support partners and channels on offerings that store and shift energy to enable greater system savings
  • Help migrate towards more efficient DC USB and DC Microgrids


R&D Projects


Moixa has won numerous R&D Grant and procurement competitions for smart energy and storage technologies including a UK energy storage demonstrator for DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) and Innovate UK, now part of BEIS.

InnovateUK - Local Community Energy Systems

Project ERIC (Jan 2015 – present)
Social Housing and Smart Utility Tariffs

This project has installed over 90 (180 kWh) Moixa Smart Battery Systems across Social and private Housing in the Rose Hill area of Oxford. This demonstrates benefits of distributed storage to a community, and new special tariffs, that can help reduce peak grid load by 65% and increase self-consumption of local PV energy.

The project also shows the power of the GridShare platform in aggregating this for data analysis and stakeholders, and to control for services to network operators and Utilities for grid services. The project team included British Gas, S&SE PD, Oxford Council, Oxford Brookes, BioRegional,ReEnergise.


Intellectual Property


Our Moixa Labs have created numerous patents, which we license and use to support our products, platforms and partners - to deliver greater benefits to customers. This also helps towards standards - to ensure greater integration, persistency of Moixa systems and compatibility with third party products across the energy system.