About Us

Moixa is a British technology company, founded in 2006 by Simon Daniel and Chris Wright, which focuses on Energy Innovation. We invent, manufacture and distribute smart energy technology and are the UK’s leading home battery company.

We make technology smarter so that it works for you and helps others.
Our Smart Battery helps households save money by storing spare-solar or cheap tariff electricity.
Our GridShare platform helps manage storage resources and deliver services and savings for the energy system.

Moixa is privately held by management and private investors, including former Big 6 Utilities and technology executives.
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Projects and Customers


Our Moixa Labs has won and delivered over £4m of Smart Battery projects for UK Government, Utilities, Social Housing and technology partners. We are also integrating into leading Internet of Things, and Smart Island collaborations.

We work with everyone from individual homeowners to acting as the partner of choice for leading installers, housing associations and utility companies.

Our Clients and Partners include, Government, leading Big 6 Utilities, Integrators, Housing Associations. We are now scaling across the UK and partnering internationally.

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Our History of Innovation